Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Central Park

Sunday is the only day that one dare bring a car into Manhattan. We were very lucky to find a parking spot right next to Central Park. So pretty there in the spring..redbud, wisteria, pink and white dogwood. We sat around the Angel fountain where eveyone was taking photos of their friends amongst the cherry blossoms. We didn't go into the zoo but from outside the gates, could see the performing seals. Then on to Fifth Avenue to gawk at the fancy stores. We stopped in FAO Schwartz where Maya danced on The Big Piano and saw the amazing toys that rich children could get. On to Rockefeller Center where they still had the Easter display with all the lilies and the bunny topiary. Naomi had wanted to walk through SoHo but after walking 3 hours with the baby, driving through was good enough.
Then back to Brooklyn for a family dinner of tasty salmon kabobs and black rice.

At night, Steve and I walked along Ocean Parkway. Some Hasidic young women ran by us with their long black skirts. Once one is married, noone outside of ones household sees a married woman's real hair but they can wear a nice wig. Some younger sisters grow their hair extra long to cut and fashion into a wig for their newly married sister.
It feels as if we have either stepped back in time or are in another country.

Don'tae, Maya and Balto, the famous sled dog in Central Park

Maya on the Big Piano

Lego Statue of Liberty

Inside trump Tower

Naomi window shopping on Fifth Avenue

Rockefeller Center

St. Patricks Cathedral

Ms. Maya

You know I love flowers

My favorite photo of Maya

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