Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy trails

Josh (In turquoise) and his buddy resting on the Lakelands Trail bridge in 1993

On our first trip: Covered Bridge near Centerville, MI

Josh and his buddy on  one of their many rest stops
I just signed up for the Michigander, a 6 day bike ride that features Rails to Trails. This year features two trails: The North Central State Trail, which I had rode on before running from Gaylord to Indian River to Cheboygan to Mackinaw City (our start and end point) and the newer North East State Trail which runs from Cheboygan to  Onaway to Alpena. Both trails could use spiffier names. The latter trail goes through total wilderness where we are promised elk sightings. It is also bear country.

I signed up for the organization's very first ride back in 1992. Josh was only 10 and I had a one year old at home. 300 miles in 6 days isn't too much for a 10 year old, right? I liked the idea it was off road as sometimes his attention span waned and put him in the path of cars on regular roads. He was tired and grumpy towards the end of some of of the days but the next year, he wanted to do it again but this time, we were to bring his best friend. He has fond memories of our biking times together. We did it for 5 years sometimes bringing 3 other boys with us. Spending a week with 4 teen aged boys is an experience in itself. I made sure they were athletic ones as not everyone has the capacity to do this. One of these boys (31 years now) is now 50 to 100 pounds overweight. I am sure he couldn't do this again.

To celebrate their joint 30th birthdays, Josh and some of his buddies are taking a week-long canoe trip in the Boundary waters of Minnesota next month, definitely bear country.

I also did it 3 times with Naomi, aged 12-14. She did surprisingly well. Her sports schedules put an end to our rides.

There are about 100 miles on this trip where there are no trails but I suspect, there is also no traffic. A work buddy is doing this with me. We did a ride together about 10 years ago touring the Upper Peninsula though on roads. He also did a 2 day canoe trip with Josh and me 15 years ago.

While in Massachusetts, I was on two of the organization's trails: The Minute Man and the Somerville Linear  Path. The latter is lined with fancy street lamps and art of various sorts along the route. It also has a lot of brick pavement, which is tough on my legs though pretty. (I was running, not biking). The Boston area is very bike friendly with numerous trails. Before Shanna moved there, I found myself there on several occasions and would run up and down the Esplanade on both sides of the Charles. Some idiot was attacking runners there though while I was there last time. It would have been a long run from Shanna's house to get there though I guess I could have taken a bus there. Near Shanna's old place, they had the Harborwalk which goes for miles along the sea. I loved it though it was all concrete excepting the causeway to Castle  Island.

My Massachusetts adventures might be coming to an end. They put their house on the market yesterday. On a very positive note, I might have all my grandbabies in one state.

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