Monday, April 2, 2012


Should be titled: My life on a Boppy

Homecoming day. The hospital provided the hat with the bow

This was an outfit I bought in advance. It is big. I don't believe in buying NB sized clothes especially since my babies could only fit in them for a week and Josh, over 10 lbs, never could

This outfit I received from a good college friend in advance of Shanna's birth back in the 70s. Unisex as noone knew what they were having. Shanna had worn it home from the hospital years ago.

Daniel's size 4 diaper next to a size one next to a NB size

Day 2..with Daniel, age 2.5. He weighed more than a pound lighter

Daniel enjoying his Goldfish at Spy Pond

She isn't happy all the time..just 95% of it

Oliver digging per usual

View out of the hospital window looking southwest

Happy mother and child

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