Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coney Island

Maya and Naomi at Coney Island Beach

Steve, Don'tae, Maya Steve's sister, Naomi, niece and sister-inlaw

  My brother left to start his new life in the Bay area yesterday though he still has his house in NJ. We drove up yesterday to my brother-in-laws's. There is no way to get there without paying $12 in bridge tolls which is sort of making us hesitate going back and forth so much. There was a sign that the Outrebridge Crossing was $12 but we didn't think we saw where they could have scanned our easy pass. Must check our account.

We had a nice family brunch made by my brother-in-law's wife. Both Steve's siblings are here along with his brother's step-daughter. At brunch, his sister's best friend stopped by with her daughter. Lots of people here and having a baby here makes things very chaotic. They are saints for letting us stay. We are in a heavily Jewish Orthodox area were the men have the tall black hats, forelocks and always wear heavy black coats. The women rarely are seen except yesterday going to and from shul. Their heads are covered with wigs outside the home. We visited Coney Island where Steve grew up  and walked the boardwalk. Naomi, Dontae and their step cousin rode The Cyclone, almost 100 years old all ricketedy.

Later I ran up and down Ocean Parkway, a boulevard lined with trees and park benches flanked by several Jewish neighborhoods. A woman with bare legs is not acceptable but it was so warm, I really did not want to wear long pants. I was tired and dehydrated. It felt good to be moving . I haven't had much time or energy to run and I feel guilty.

Maya enjoying a chair at my brother's house

Naomi, Don'tae and her step cousin on the cyclone

On the Boardwalk

Dinner at everyone's favorite Italian restaurant in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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Anonymous said...


Here in our city live only a few jewish people.Before ww 2 there were many jewish peolple here. You know what happened to them!!! Deported and killed. Dreadfull.In our city is still a synagoge.I ve been there several times.There is also a jewish monument for the rememberance of all the people who died innocence.

The jewish people in the netherlands were at first brought to Amsterdam and later on to a camp in drente, Westerbork. Then every tuesday left a train to take the people to the death camps. When you imagine what happened there you still cry!!

Do they tell the young children in america what happened to not only the jewish people but also the gypsies and homosexuel people?

This must never happen again but sadly it does

greetings from the netherlands: Carla


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