Monday, April 30, 2012

Electromagnetic sensitivity

Would you like to live inside of a microwave? That is what protesters say of the new 'smart' meters that the local energy company is installing that will keep tabs on ones energy consumption by radio waves. These things are outside the house as opposed to our cellphones and wireless routers that are inside the house. These will make meter readers obsolete, which is fine by me. I am still angry at one who wanted to trounce through my flowers rather than walk 20 feet farther. Rather than do that, he just estimated our energy use resulting in  a bill 4 times normal leading to lots of phone calls. Yeah, I can do without that.

This was the subject yesterday in our pseudo newspaper. It made me sad how ignorant people can be and how this newspaper spread their brand of pseudoscience. Instead of interviewing medical doctors or electricity experts, they interviewed a psychic and a so-called environmental doctor who believes that electromagnetic radiation is the root of all evil. He said it causes 100% of cancer cases. Did cancer exist before cell-phones and TV and radio? Not in his mind. The psychic particularly interested me. Apparently she has electromagnetic sensitivity. I used to live in a house with her years ago. Another of our cohabitants ran into her about 15 years ago at a psychic fair. The psychic stared at her and said something about her looking familiar.

Well you're the psychic. This should be easy for you.

Maybe too much cellphone radiation in the room interfered with her psychic ability though this was before cellphones were so prevalent.

In the past week, three of my family members have gotten new jobs. Julia also received her master's.Shanna's family arrived safely in Boston. All seems well.

Yesterday the early morning temperature was only 24 rising 40 degrees during the day. We finally could take our many houseplants outside decluttering the place considerably. Later we had dinner out with Josh and Julia, which was pleasant as always.

I ran between thunderstorms this morning. The local soil around here is clay, which when  very wet forms a slippery layer (in my pottery class, we called the stuff 'slip'). It was hard to get good footing in spots on the dirt road I love to run on. Usually it is kind of spongy as it goes through wetlands which is good for my legs. I saw a few pairs of pretty gold finches and one turkey vulture. It has been a while since I have seen a deer. I would have thought the easy winter would have increased their numbers.

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