Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rocking goldfish

This now joins the other kid toys in the basement
Naomi has been taking care of my friend's mitered conure. Harry likes to rest on people's heads. However, he may bite if he doesn't like you. He doesn't like me 
A pug canvas to hang in my den. It has been 6 years since my pug Spud died

So March started out wonderfully with early morning temperatures in the 50s so I could comfortably run in shorts but as the day progressed, a strong gale force wind blew in. As I drove back the 6 miles from Shanna's (rains made the shorter unpaved roads impassable), the temp fell from 56 to 48 right before my eyes. By the end of the next hour, it was in the 30s. Ice on my path today. Maybe Sunday I can resume bicycling again.

But more than 20 kilos down! I have the scale set to kilos so I am not so devastated by large numbers. It has been almost 5 months since I started this. Do I quit after another month? I will be in Arizona by that time. I thought returning 2 week before Easter would not interfere with school vacations but I was wrong. Maybe that's why I can't find a room any where near the Grand Canyon. I guess we will commute from Flagstaff.

I have rooms in nice places before that; an inn in the desert outside Tucson and a fancy condo in Scottsdale. Maybe I will stay in Scottsdale another night? Need to finish planning today.

Steve got a request from a woman who thinks Steve is her closest relative. She isn't very close at all as she is 4 generations from having a common ancestor. I ran the numbers and have figured out she is from Steve's father's side. Meanwhile, on GEDmatch, Steve has 600 relatives that are only 3-3.5 generations removed (a first cousin is 2 generations off; a grandchild is 1.5 generations off). As this woman is half Jewish (lots of common ancestors; hard to trace them due to the Holocaust). Meanwhile, a first cousin 2 times removed (first cousin's grandkid) contacted him. He is African-American. A first cousin, 20 years older than Steve, left his first wife for a younger African-American woman. The family seemed to cut ties with him. A surviving sister never heard of this kid but he is clearly a relative. Also he may not be a kid. He could be as old as Shanna.

I haven't done squat with my side. I did not come a small closed ethnic group as Steve plus I am quite the mix of various Northern European groups, most of who have good records except for the Poles.

I did buy a bathing suit to replace my sagging, baggy threadbare one so I will be styling in Scottsdale. I had lunch one day with a good friend and visited Shanna on another.  I have delayed my huge bike planning trip with my buddy for another 5 weeks.


Elephant's Child said...

HUGE congratulations on your weight loss. Well done you.
Isn't it weird the way animals will take a liking (or a disliking) to individuals?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

A husky I had years ago was suspicious of men as is Josh's German Shepherd. However, if a man comes in bouncing a tennis ball, all is forgiven.


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