Monday, March 6, 2017

She would have been ninety today

My mom in her early 20s at  Barton Hills showing off her figure. I didn't get my chubbiness from her

My mom is about as old as I am now visiting me in the hospital when I had Naomi. Josh is in bed with me with his shin guards on as Shanna looks on. My sister-in-law and nieces are there too
My Jacuzzi soak made short as I put too much bubble stuff in. Yeah that is the forbidden wine I am sipping. No more until next Friday.
Watched Allie at the indoor playground yesterday. Lots of energy.
This cute pug that jumps up and down didn't have a price tag on it. Target let me have it for $2
Hannah is now 2 months looking very much like baby Josh. The chin cleft though is from her mom

My mom had a hard life. Born the fifth child of seven, she was sort of lost in a big, impoverished family. She left school and home when she was 16. She said because she was starving at home though her older sister (almost 96 and still going strong) says that wasn't true. She was 18 when she met my father, a very pampered rich boy who never grew up. His mother was not thrilled by his choice; she was from the wrong side of the tracks but once it was clear to her that my mom wasn't going away, she made sure she went back to school. She also delighted in dressing my mom who was pretty and had a good figure.

My dad was a very anxious person worried about this and that and would take it out on my poor mom who rarely stood up to him. Even though we had money, he acted as if he was on the brink of poverty and wouldn't spend one more penny than he needed to. Years later, when my mom had Alzheimer's and he was in poor health, a social worker called me asking me to pay for his Meals on Wheels as he told her he had absolutely no money. I told her not to spend one moment feeling sorry for him; he had more money that me and her put together. By the time he died, she was too far gone to enjoy her peace without being screamed at on an hourly basis.

It was warm enough to run without my furry pants this morning. Yay! Extra bonus, the dirt roads are dry enough to run on.

I thought I would be using my Jacuzzi more than I have been. Last winter, I didn't at all because I was not to take baths for 2 months due to my surgery. I am a sucker for great smelling body washes and bath salts. I bought some ginger blossom/patchouli bath soaker. As I was adding water to the tub the other night, nothing seemed to be happening bubble wise so I added more bath soaker. As soon as I turned on the Jacuzzi, a mountain of bubbles formed quickly threatening to go over the top. So I needed to turn the Jacuzzi off so I could mound the bubbles in the center, 2 feet above the surface of the tub. I could only use the Jacuzzi for a few moments at a time due to overflowing bubbles. I didn't have the relaxing time I had hoped for but I smelled great.

After going to an indoor playground with Josh and Allie, out for my first bike ride in 10 days. Unfortunately it was windy and barely 40. I shivered for the next 2 hours after I finished.

I will have Tessa and Daniel this afternoon and Maya on Wednesday. A grandma's job is never done.


Elephant's Child said...

So many of our parents had hard lives. And some of them made them harder for themselves and those around them.
Hannah is a cutie.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Your mom's life did not sound easy. I know couples like that and wonder why the women stay and take that abuse.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

She tried to leave him once when I was eight. She managed to hire a lawyer. He begged and pleaded for her to stay promising this and that but all his promises evaporated as the years went by. She would have had a hard time earning a living on her own. I am puzzled by women who stay in abusive relationships when they are capable of self support. The lesson to me was to make sure I never became financially dependent on a man or be pushed around by one.

Snowbrush said...

I wish I had grandchildren, but it would have meant having children first.

I enjoyed reading about your mother.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Snow


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