Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of March

Occasionally houses for sale will scroll through what ever website I have open. Hmmm, this one looked familiar. My grandfather had it built in 1939 and sold it some time in the late 70s. 5000 square feet  was too much for 2 people. No pool in those days

It sits on top a steep hill. The terraces my grandfather handmade are now gone

Fancy staircase. All was carpeted when I was a kid. Most of the rooms have been updated excepting my father's old room
What it looked like in the 40s.
super senior day purchase. Who doesn't need an oil copy of Birth of Venus. Apparently whoever painted it couldn't do facial features or perhaps was going for an abstract look. Fine for my bathroom

Five years ago, it was a record breaking 76 degrees here. Then a cold front came through causing all sorts of disturbances including a tornado where my son lived, an F-3 which is strong as they get in Michigan. He saw the tornado bearing down towards his house and opted to try to out run it in a car but the storm caught up to him. It didn't hit his house but hit the house he was considering just a quarter mile away, which was leveled. It leveled quite a few houses in that neighborhood. Many people were home as it happened about 5:30 at night but no one was injured. Hiding in their basements worked. His trees were covered in pink insulation looking very much like cotton candy. He had called me right when the tornado was there.

Steve and I were in Massachusetts waiting for Tessa to come out. It was almost as warm there but no storms. I actually had trouble running as it was so hot.

But today, still snow and ice. Worst 12 degrees and a strong wind making half of my run miserable. A small path had melted so back and forth; back and forth. Finally some progress: I am just a half pound over the line dividing normal and overweight. I bought some smaller capris at the resale shop for our desert trip in 2 weeks.  I am not spending much money on clothes that will be just temporary (hopefully)I hope to be a size smaller by the end of this which may not be until the end of April.

We had Maya for a while the other night. She wanted to show off her printing, which is very good. I guess she no longer qualifies for 'occupational therapy' for bad small motor skills. She was writing the alphabet, which she can say and write individual letters but she does not know which letter comes next even though she can say the alphabet. Frustrating. Even more frustrating is getting her drug. Her doctor has to approve it a month at a time but didn't this month as she was ill and apparently no one covers for her. So Maya went without today being a pain. The doctor is back but is not responding.

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Elephant's Child said...

That is one big house.
I hope you can get Maya's medication sorted - and a plan for future absences by the doctor.


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