Saturday, March 18, 2017

Baby Boy turns 35

On his high school soccer team
5 with his dad
3 years old running his first race
15 months held by his mom with the bad perm. Note all my muscles though. I am five years younger than he is now
2 years old. His straight blonde hair gradually became darker and curlier with age. Here he looks so much like Allie when she smiles
6 years old on the first soccer team I coached
14 with Spud the puppy. He looks so serious here and very much like his father but generally he was happy go lucky.
With newborn Hannah
The day Josh came home. Isn't Steve cute?
this is now with snow falling at an alarming rate. Although it will all melt later in the day, too slippery for me to run now. I want winter gone!!!! Now!!!!

Time flies. It seems like yesterday I was looking at my bruised and puffy baby boy thinking he wasn't much to look at but at least he was healthy . He was 'a sunny-side up' baby meaning his head was turned the wrong way as he was coming out. The posterior position generally is associated with back labor but I didn't feel it. Still the whole ordeal took forever. And he was so big, over 10 pounds. The chop shop that Julie chose to give birth in decided to do a C-section because Allie was facing the same way and was 'big' though almost 2 pounds lighter than Josh but maybe Julie, though bigger boned than me, doesn't have the 12 cm versus the 10 cm others have. By the time he was about a month old, the bruising and swelling disappeared and instead of narrow slits for eyes, he had beautiful big blue eyes framed with long dark lashes. A pretty boy though he never seemed girly. Despite his constant need to be active, he was my easiest child by far. He has turned out to be a wonderful man and father.

Stupid winter. I thought that once it was March, it would be Ollie, Ollie we be free. But no. For most of the past week, I've run on top of snow, ice, with wind chills near zero (though yesterday was fine) but I draw the line on freezing rain. It is the warmest morning this week so far but not warm enough. I spent more time on the torture device elliptical trainer instead. What I want to be doing is riding my bike. Maybe next week. I then will take it to the shop to be tuned up while I am in Arizona.

But in general, I've been enjoying myself though as usual postponing the many details I should be doing. At least I don't need to spend hours on the phone battling the insurance company any more. I did see the dentist yesterday for a routine check-up. It was good not to feel guilty about his office not being paid. On his ceiling, he had several nice prints of Arizona to look at. His favorite place: Canyon de Chelly which is maybe 200 miles from the Grand Canyon. Oh well, I guess we will have plenty to see where we are going. Do we visit people? Steve has cousins in Tucson, who so far have ignored Facebook requests. He can call them. And there is a lady who used to be in our Mother's group for 4 years before moving to Tucson. And the desert should be in bloom! In the Desert Museum, they have several species of hummingbirds one can get very close to. I am looking forward to that. And a barn owl rests in the porch ceiling during the day of the place we will be staying so maybe I will get to see a live owl not in a zoo for a change. I saw a dead owl while running a month ago. And a year ago, Shanna took a picture of a great horned owl on a subdivision house near her in the middle of the day.


Elephant's Child said...

A lovely series of photos.
The desert in bloom? Please take piccies for me. Lots of piccies.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Oh I will. I just hope the flowers will last until we get there.


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