Monday, February 27, 2017

Five pounds from normal

At my grandfather's house early 60s


Florida 1959

Hammondsport, NY 1957

Josh 11 and me at 40. Note lack of obesity

According to various tables, if I were just to lose 5 more pounds, I would not be considered 'overweight'. So close. However, in the photo above, I am at least 20 pounds lighter. Later that same year, my Graves' Disease kicked in and I lost another 15 pounds. In the Emergency Room, where I was sent because my heart was pounding so hard, they referred to me as 'tiny'. A first for me as you can tell from my early photos, I never was all that thin. And usually, I was the tallest kid in all my classes. It was assumed that I must have flunked a grade or so.

It's been more than two months since I took 'Prilosec and a month since I stopped using the less effective Zantac clone so I am glad for that. I haven't needed to take Rolaids either so yay!  Although I felt fine on them, the Prilosec especially is associated with lots of scary side effects so good riddance. I am left with a baby aspirin and my synthroid.

I should be in for some good luck. A flock of bluebirds flew across my path as I ran yesterday.

In a month, Steve and I will be in the warmth of the Southwest. First stop, a beautiful inn on the edge of Saguaro Nat'l Park. The owner makes some kind of call and javelinas come running. Other stops, Grand Canyon and Sedona. We have the tickets and  a place for the first 2 nights, need to plan the rest.

It was warm enough to bike today but lazy, lazy Sue. I did run, in the woods, and did the elliptical trainer.

I watched the Oscar's by myself. Lots of my friends are travelling so no Oscar's party this year. And Steve won't watch it. I did love some of the dresses like Haile Berry's and Emma Stone's but others were not so flattering. Unless one is very thin, dresses cinched at the waist just made these actresses look fat.

No word from my insurance company despite a promise to call me. I will give them a few more days.

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