Sunday, February 5, 2017


I thought this mermaid would look great in the green and purple room. Alas, wrong shades. Would it look good in Tessa's purple bedroom? Not appropriate as it is topless. Will end up over the door to my beach themed bathroom
this cow doll looks great in the green and purple room
my 1 month old doppelganger
I started to organize some of the many things that need to be done. This photo was taken July 4, 1896 in Troy, Ohio. My almost  6 year old grandfather is on his father's lap. He looks big for a 6 year old. All are redheads except dad and the oldest boy. Mother Eusebia had her last child at age 42. I think the room would look better without all the fur pieces on the floor.
Maya on her way to the long awaited birthday party. She was so excited. She does not get to go to many non-relative parties. The last one she missed because her father forgot to take her. We made sure this didn't happen again. Unfortunately her parents are feuding again so I had to pick her up
Another hand-made doll complete with a chintz chair to plotz in. $5.
Tessa was here Friday. Always cheerful

Maya received her invitation to a classmate's party over a month ago. She became obsessed with this party. She would look through the toys I have wondering aloud if her friend would like this or that for her birthday (pronounced birdday by her). No her mama would buy something new for her. She could select a special card (I had bought Naomi an assortment for such occasions) for her friend though.

The party was at a bouncy castle place east of me. Her dad's place is on the west side of Ann Arbor. Naomi worked until almost the time of the party so I picked her up. I overestimated the time it would take to select thistle seed at the big box store near him (though flower seeds were 10 cents a packet, hopefully some will germinate) so I ended up going to a somewhat over priced consignment shop out there. I have bought a few things though, that are good deals from then. I found my arty dolls and a reclining cherub. My friend who is battling all kinds of crud wants a reclining angel (if there is such a thing) I sent a photo of the cherub. No reply (turns out she was too ill to lift her head up). If she wants it, I will go back and negotiate a better price.

Near their snack area (I was offered ginger chocolates) was a photo of the da Vinci horse (I have 2 photos on my wall I have taken of said horse). A man sitting in the snack area said he was an expert on this horse as he was from Grand Rapids where a full scale replica of the 600 year old horse is at Meijer's gardens. I said I was in Milan where the original was supposed to be (da Vinci had a clay model there that Napoleon's soldiers destroyed by using it for target practice) and despite what he thinks, there are several models of this horse world wide including one in Pennsylvania. He immediately checked this out on his computer he had set up there. Yeah I am right. We got to talking. I had said I used to work for a big pharmaceutical company. As a sales rep? he guessed wrongly. Ha!   I am so far from being in I look polished? No basic research..way behind the scenes. Turns out he is in a clinical trial company associated with the University. Somehow we clicked. What we have in common is this..he has the same 10 foot marlin on his wall that I had retrieved from the trash a few months ago. What are the chances. My marlin is quite banged up (it is resting in the basement). He said it could be restored for $100 or he might buy it from me. Who needs two marlins? I guess they are quite pricy. The store had a used northern pike that was only 2 feet long for $350 . Impressive amount of teeth. Do not take the hook out of that one by hand.

Years ago, we went deep sea fishing in Florida on a extremely choppy day which caused all of us to be very seasick. My father's friend's son caught a baby barracuda (18 inches; adults are 6 feet long).He was so excited, he did not get sick (he couldn't even ride in a car without vomiting). It cost $150 to get that thing stuffed way back in the mid 60s. He has that thing in his office to this day.

I had to leave my new friend to pick up Maya. We've since been communicating m email.

Maya is a year old than most of her classmates plus she is very tall for her age so she towers over all of them. Two little boys would not leave her side. Apparently she hangs out with them at recess. At her check-up a few weeks ago, the doctor was pleasing with the glowing reports from her teachers about her drug induced concentration. Bonus, she hadn't lost any more weight. Still she weighs only 4 pounds more than Allie, more than 3 years younger.

Friday the Moms got together at one of the houses deep into the country 2 miles  (seems like so much more) down a dirt road that is covered with a sheet of ice this time of year. It was very nice just gabbing away. I didn't prepare a homemade dessert as I thought I would be babysitting more than I did. I brought a chocolate babka.

As for my diet, one step forward, two steps backward. Friday found me more than 37 pounds down so I got brave and tried on my 15 year old pants a size smaller. They fit! but with some bulge over the waistband. I considered wearing them as a reminder not to make the bulge bigger but back to my baggy pants. Maybe in 2 weeks I will wear them comfortably. In boxes somewhere, I do have more of my smaller clothes. Hopefully this obesity will be a thing of the past.

On tonight's agenda: superbowl party at Shanna's. Tomorrow: watching a movie with the Mom's.

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