Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nothing tastes better than skinny

I finally received the results of my son's family's photo-shoot. How hard would it have been to include the tops of their heads? They are a beautiful family.

I did watch the baby yesterday while her mama had a doctor appointment. I tried to capture her smiles but failed. She is now 6 weeks old. Tempus fugit. Today we will watch Tessa in the afternoon and Maya in the evening.

The title is an alleged quote from a model. Kate Moss? Not sure but I have been struggling to adopt it. Last weekend's challenge was Philly cheesesteaks Steve brought into the house. Again, one step forward and two back. I am almost 40 pounds down now. I now weigh only slightly more than Naomi. True she is taller and bigger boned. I am fitting into 15 year old jeans of mine. Aside from my running and biking (only once was I able to bike this month and I froze my feet doing so), I've been working out on our elliptical trainer and lifting weights. All of this is time consuming. But warmer weather is coming so there will be more biking, especially as I need to be in shape for my self supported tour through 5 states (if you count DC as a state) in August.

Steve's family is coming at the end of the week. Should be fun. We will have a houseful of people.

We went to see Lion last night. Excellent photography and a wonderful story. In the past month, I've gone to more movies than I had seen in a decade.


Kat&Chris said...

Great job with your weight loss, Sue!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks Kathy. It is a long, slow process. Maybe I will be done in 6 weeks then I will have to figure out how to maintain it.


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