Thursday, February 2, 2017

Spending time with MY granddaughter

She was alert for most of my visit so I could finally bond with her
Hannah does not look like her older sister. I assumed she looked much more like her father than her mother but staring at those eyes, I realize it is ME whom she looks like
week 8 of waiting for this amaryllis to bloom
sun and snow
me at ArtPrize. So much less of me now
from the internet. How do you see yourself?

My kids do not look like me for which I am grateful. They were beautiful children and now good looking adults. They have a good looking father.. I do see different aspects of their personalities that are similar to mine, especially with Josh. They are quite different from each other though Josh and Shanna look very similar. I relate to each one in a different way. And between the three of them are 6 grandbabies. Do I see my children in them? Not much though Tessa reminds me of a more feisty Shanna.

Josh and his wife made a will after Allie was born. What would happen to Allie if the two of them were to disappear? Go live with one of her aunts(that would make sense) No. Allie would live with the other grandma, a single woman who is older than me and still working. Does this make sense? Josh told me I could have the next baby which would be Hannah. Of course they should not be split up though Allie right now thinks that would be a good idea as she is tired of being a big sister and resents that Hannah gets carried around.

Allie has some sort of strep infection. They do not want the baby to get it and have divided the house into two zones: Allie and Hannah's. They also need separate caregivers so I was assigned Hannah yesterday (Steve went there today and got Allie) Thus I got plenty of Hannah time. She is now 4 weeks old.

The roads were covered with fresh slippery snow going there about 12 miles to the north. It melted there while I was there so I assumed I could run once I got home. Wrong. We had much more snow and it did not melt. Annoying. And today, it had turned to ice. Spring isn't coming soon enough.

I saw my friend today who is the battling the effects of a stem cell transplant and drove her to one of her many appointments as she is too weak to drive. Cold air sets off an asthma attack. I prewarmed the car for her but in the 10 seconds she was exposed to the 20 degree air, it set off an attack.

After mulling this over for the past week, I decided I will do the bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC through the mountains. I thought it would only go through Pennsylvania and Maryland but no, it swings into West Virginia and Virginia too along with DC of course. The Pennsylvania leg is all uphill. At least I will have less fat to haul up (but more equipment). 

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