Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Movie night

the restored Michigan Theater

A better effect would be the sign saying 'this is a decorative fountain only' to be placed elsewhere
our backyard this morning. I am skipping running. I did run yesterday on an inch of new snow but 4 inches is a bit much to plow through
3-D bizarre alligator bookmark I put up on the wall of strange creatures including a model of Gaudi's 'El drac' from Parc Guell in Barcelona to amuse kids

For the past 3 Mondays, we've been going to the movies. Last night's pick: Manchester-by-the-Sea at the restored Michigan Theater though this movie was in one of its tiny annexes (anneces?)about the size of my living room. The main theater was reserved for La La Land. Still the lobby is gloriously restored. Their senior rates are a bit higher than the big commercial palace and you have to park in a crowded area. Also the big snow decided to hit during the last hour of the movie leading to a scary slippery ride home. For some reason, Steve removed the snow brush so I had to wait for it to melt. My friends wanted dinner afterwards but it was well after nine and the snow was getting worse and worse. Too many meals out lately to no good effect.

I like the movie even though it was very sad. How to get past grief and guilt. It did not have the storybook perfect ending where all is better. Only a few moments could be had. Everyone has been saying how great Casey Affleck was but I think the teenage nephew did a far better job. Have I been to Manchester-by-the -Sea? Maybe. I know we drove all over Cape Ann where the village is during our month stay in Massachusetts. We went to places north and west of Boston such that we could get to Cambridge in an hour or so . My dad liked to go to Rockport and Gloucester (and Cape Cod, we always by-passed Boston) which were in the movie too. The scenery looked very familiar so that was fun to watch.

Steve is out with the snow blower which is getting far more use than last year. Maybe 5-6 weeks more of this crap? I did a bit more on the elliptical. I am no longer listening to soporific Ira Glass; old Rolling Stones is more motivating. There are so many piddling things that need to be done inside that are so easy to put off.


Snowbrush said...

What a beautiful theatre, Sue, and how wonderfully you photographed it.

Peggy has a 3-D bookmark, but it just makes me want to throw-up (well, not “want to” exactly, but to feel headed in that direction).

That’s quite a backyard, you have!

I love it that we know one another, and to think that we wouldn’t without this almost new invention called the Internet.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

This bookmark features baby alligators for eyes, a tad disturbing but I have to entertain little boys.

It is nice knowing you too Snow.


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