Monday, January 23, 2017

Spring for a day

Finally I have a photo with her eyes wide open. These are her daddy's eyes minus the long black lashes he had. Her birth hair is falling out but I see little blonde hairs coming in

We took care of her big sister while Hannah went for a weigh in. If she hadn't gained any weight, she would have been hospitalized. However I received a text saying she now weighed 18 oz more in just 36 hours of force feeding her like some French goose. Methinks the scale 36 hours previous was faulty as she had managed to out grow her onesies despite 'losing' weight. Her weight gain was like an adult gaining 25 pounds in the same amount of time.

It's been blissfully warm for the past 3 days here in ex-cancerland. Nice and toasty for the marchers Saturday. Why wasn't I out there with my friends? For one, I thought we might have to be with Allie all day (the mom-in-law was marching in Detroit). Even an ex- co-worker who I will see later in the week marched pushing a walker (needs a hip replacement real soon). I was surprised as I would have guessed she was a Trump supporter but miracles do happen.

Instead I thought I could get away with running on the dirt roads without worrying about ice. But the ground is still frozen with no where for all our recent rain to go. In the sandy sections, it was fine but some of the clay sections were impassable. My feet were mired in what felt like cement.

It was warm enough to bike in shorts the next day. But all this moisture led to a thick fog layer. I kept waiting for it to clear but went out anyway with flashing lights attached to my bike and me. Steve had passed me by car at one point and said I was barely visible. It felt good to be out there. I didn't know I had been in danger until I got home. Today I ran in constant drizzle.

We had two recent hawk visits. A squirrel was busy eating all the seeds the bird dropped. Standing on the ground 5 feet away was the Cooper hawk. I ran to get the camera but it flew away. The squirrel seemed unperturbed. Cooper's hawks prefer birds but this one looked like it was sizing up the squirrel. Then yesterday, we heard a loud bang against the window. I didn't want to look but Steve found the sharp shinned hawk with a chickadee in its talons. Sad but I guess they have to eat too. Why can't it get the sparrows?

One of the squirrels has a broken hind leg. Can it climb to its nest? I let it forage without chasing it away. Another squirrel is losing its hair. We finally have a female red bellied woodpecker here along with the 2 males and a hairy (why the name) woodpecker along with the numerous downies.

While I was in Cancerland, Steve had bought me a beautiful, expensive winter coat. Alas he didn't take into consideration the steroid bloat then my body going to hell and the coat was too small. Naomi quickly took it. I tried it on today finding lots of Naomi's stuff in the pockets including a razor, a huge bottle of foundation and these papers called travel passes. To continue to be on her basketball team, she had to have all her teachers sign off on that her work was up to date. Anyway, today it fits so yay! Especially after I emptied the pockets.

Tonight I get to flash my geezer card at the movie house. Hidden Figures. Sounds promising.

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A post with weight gain and weight loss - both to be celebrated.


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