Friday, January 20, 2017

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

We won't throw this precious one out. She is having trouble gaining weight, a big worry
the whole family Allie, age 3, has a head so much bigger than Hannah's. How fast they grow

Who doesn't need a Syrian inlaid walnut jewelry box? I paid just a few dollars for it but on line, I see they go for much, much more

It is so scary when babies don't grow. Although Maya gained weight quickly as a newborn, when she was 9 months, she stopped gaining making the pediatrician worried and we were sent to two different nutrition experts, who had conflicting advice. She was to have more solids. I looked at those 4 oz containers of pureed fruit at 90 calories each. How many would she have to eat to gain a pound? 40? At a year, she weighed less than my kids did at 6 months. Her weight is being monitored now as her medication causes a lack of appetite though the other day, she ate a lot here. She is 3 years older than Allie but weighs only a few pounds more. And she is tall for her age.

But newborns not growing is even more worrisome than a 9 month old or a 6 year old.  If she does not gain weight by Saturday, she will be hospitalized. Very stressful for all involved particularly the mom.

And then there are us who gain just looking at food. After an annoying plateau, the weight is slowly coming off again. Down 34.5 pounds. It might now take to the end of March to make my goal weight but each pound now makes a bigger impact. I bought some intermediate sized clothes that should last until I can fit into my normal weight clothes again.

In a few minutes, our future will darken. All that is good will be thrown out. Regulations that have kept greed in check will be gone. What a mess you rural, uneducated folks have got us into? Of all the cabinet post appointees, only the lady who will be our UN ambassador seemed reasonable. Our local lady who got her fortune via her pyramid scheme company, is one of the worst appointees. I don't want to listen to the news any more as it is so depressing.

How will this affect me? A white retiree with some resources. Personally not much even if they gut social security and medicare. But I have family members that will be severely impacted. And my friends that are self insured will not able to get insurance due to caps and pre-existing conditions.

People have such short memories. Who remembers 2008 and the circumstances that got us into that mess?

It was almost warm enough yesterday for a bike ride. I went anyway though it took a while for my feet to thaw.

Below is Maya's school photo:


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this about Hannah. My grandson had trouble gaining his first six months. (Acid reflux along with projectile vomiting)
Will keep you and the family in my thoughts and prayers. Kris

Elephant's Child said...

I hope she gains weight quickly.
And from this side of the world I am watching anxiously. I hope he doesn't succeed in many of his aims.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

They took her in after 2 days. On Thursday, she weighed 8#10oz; today she weighed 9#12oz. A suspicious gain. I suspect the first weighing was wrong as she even in her alleged emaciated state, wasn't able to fit into the onesies she wore the week before.


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