Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not so close calls

The ladder is on Julia's former store

Naomi soothing the motion junkie

Two events happened in Michigan on X-mas yesterday: the fire started by a terrorist on an Amsterdam to Detroit flight and a fire in downtown Dexter. This was the same flight we took back from Amsterdam only 2 months earlier. As for the fire, it began in the office of an embroidery shop and quickly spread to 3 other businesses and the apartments above them. This embroidery shop used to be the dog bakery (pawtisserie)owned by my daughter-in-law that she had to close in April due to the economy.
So our living room is full of toys. Little Daniel is a motion junkie: he can only be soothed if kept in constant motion. If you try to sit, he screams if he is in that mood.
The snow melted enough for me to get a run in. Yesterday it poured all day (didn't seem to stop the fire though).


Teri B. said...

Sue!!! You are right--that was our flight! I noted that this morning when I read the paper. The embroidery shop, too. There but for the grace of (fill in the blank) go I.....

Sara Williams said...

Terrible news for Christmas.

My Harry was a motion junkie, I could never settle him unless on the move in my arms. In the end, I used to take him out into the sunshine and only that would send him to sleep. Joe used to love watching the trees move so I would place him underneath a tree.


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