Monday, December 7, 2009

Little boys..

Little boys will try anything. When Josh was three, I found my keys sticking out of the outlet, fortunately he chose the ground. Yes I had an outlet protector on but he used the keys to quickly remove it. Around the same time, I had left him in a running car while I dealt with the garage door. Within a minute, he got out of his safety seat and managed to get the car into neutral pretending to drive the car. When I looked back, the car was going back into our semi busy street with him turning the wheel every which way.

I get to see the next generation of little boys in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

It was snowing as I ran today but not enough to stick on the ground. For our anniversary this weekend, we want to go to the western part of the state where more than a foot of snow is on the ground. Maybe we can cross country ski if my balance isn't too bad.

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Sara Williams said...

I know what you mean about little boys! Where do I start with Harry!

* Lego stuck up his nose (visit to A&E
* Stick in his eye (visit to A&E)
* Climbing up pushchair and it toppled over (visit to A&E)

as for things going missing! Makeup and telephones thrown out of our upstairs bathroom window... the list is endless!

My friend did something similar to yours with the car and the car was written off!

I have always had to be one step ahead of Mr Harry!

Such fun!


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