Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Pretty at night

The Kingsley Inn

Our whirlpool

Our room

Sunday was our 32nd wedding anniversary so we went to the western side of Michigan to Saugatuck, which is full of art galleries. We stayed in a little town nearby called Fennville. The jacuzzi made my sore muscles feel better. More and more of my muscles and joints now seem sore. I am assuming this is some sort of post-treatment neuralgia/myalgia caused by Taxol. Sometimes it seems like the bone itself seems sore, which makes me nervous but as it isn't getting any more painful as time goes on, I will assume it's not due to bone mets. There are some nice shops I like to visit in Saugatuck and now I have some very cool tops.

I've been slowing plowing through the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symp. abstracts. So much stuff! Lots of proteins identified that predict survival etc and which could possibly be targeted for treatment. My old company presented data on an oral drug for Her2 positive people. That would cut down on the once a month infusions needed now. Still see no cure for TNBC any time soon but maybe in the next 5-10 years.


Sara Williams said...

An oral HER2 drug would be so good. When you have had 12 rounds of chemo and your veins have shut down, the thought of 18 more canulisations is a bit daunting to say the least!

The hotel looks fab, hope you had a great time!

I ache all over too, some days are worse than others but I find that by being active it helps plus swimming and the jacuzzi are really helpful.

Holly said...

today would have been my 30th wedding anniversary...but, alas...we divorced after only 18 years together...i wish you joy and love...and a sexy second honeymoon....


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