Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What bothered me the most..

Right before my minivacation, I went to a breast cancer support group. Another woman and I were comparing notes about our baldness experience. The moderator stepped in and asked if I found baldness to be the most distressing aspect of cancerfest. What?!?!! If that were true, baldness could have been easily avoided by not allowing the red devil in my veins. How about the fear of early death being the most distressing? No I didn't enjoy being bald, not a good look for me. The day that handfuls of hair came out from my burning scalp was not a happy day.

I must have been voted most likely to contradict that day. Another woman was going through the thought processes she went through to choose a particular treatment and how she doesn't regret her decision for a second. The moderator said something about how noone regrets the choices they made for themselves.
NOT TRUE. I made the decision about the lumpectomy vs mastectomy without knowing the full extent of my disease. They can repeat all they want how survival is absolutely the same for either but I don't believe it. Either the research is based on a small sample or that it is full of bias they couldn't correct (the mastectomy patients tending to have more advanced cancers for example).

On my busy schedule for today, a dentist trip. I had run 37 miles in the past week. I rested my weary legs by working out in the Y.


Holly said...

i, too, wish that i had chosen mastectomy rather than breast conservation...

Sara Williams said...

I am glad that I had a lumpectomy. I have 32G boobs so the surgeon had lots of material to deal with.

As for the hair issue... I bought proper shampoo and conditioner today AND a hair brush! So exciting! I thought today that I may just let my hair grow and grow and grow until I am a hippy and then have it cropped again!

I am into week 4 of my running and I am loving every second of it

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I'm so glad your enjoying your running. I still haven't combed my hair since it fell out (never did brush it). I fluff it out with my fingers and it's good to go.


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