Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you Celibate?

At my chemobrain study the other day, I mentionned to the investigater that I just returned from Italy. Her eyes lit up and said that she had gone recently herself and to prepare for the trip, listened to numerous Italian tapes so she could handle any situation she might find herself in. But I couldn't figure out how to say that I am single. OoH! Ooh! I know the answer to that one, you say "Sono nubile" Hmmm, doesn't sound like me (she's in her 40s). So if a man is single, he's
'celibate' (pronounced chell-eee-bah-tay, not cell-ee-bah-tay as it was mis-pronounced on purpose in "Under the Tuscan Sun'such that the main character was wondering if they were asking about her sex life, not her marital status)but unmarried women are 'nubile'.

So occasionally my arcane knowledge comes in handy. Last Sunday, I found myself 'paperless' and got the NY Times, in part for the puzzle. It was not an easy one and still is unfinished making me wonder if maybe I do have chemobrain. But one of the clues was "hell's angels, e.g." Answer: oxymoron.

It is now November, my least favorite month though January is a close second. Disappearing light, leaves, cold outside-yuck! Not many kids found their way to our door last night and even the med students who collect food didn't come. I did run yesterday trying not to slip on wet leaves facing 40 mph wind gusts that fortunately were not 'sustained winds'. Less windy today here in drabland,but I am feeling lazy.


Sara Williams said...

Hi Sue,
I dont mind this time of year too much, I love the colours of the leaves and the dark nights are quite cosy.

I am going to start running again tomorrow although it will be as a beginner so 30 seconds running, 3 mins walk x 3 but its a start!

We didnt get many callers last night either!

Teri B. said...

I had a laugh when I saw that clue "hell's angels", remembering our long "senior moment" with respect to "oxymoron." ..
...I dressed up last night in the footless fancy stockings from Italy, my witch boots (lace up), a short skirt, shirt and purple lace witch hat, and sat on my porch reading and...scaring away the trick or treaters...we only had about 15 groups...


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