Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sue's Escape from Difficult Child Land

One of these doggies is different-Look for the red hair.

But there is no escape although technically the child is now an adult at 18. I had just bought a few items from IKEA for her very bare apartment. I came home to a letter from the school from her teacher wondering why she was 'not participating' in the class. So things are not 'fine' as I had been told. She shortly shows up 'to get HER stuff' and I ask about the letter. She went into a tirade about me (though I wasn't the one who openned it)going through her mail and sped off (in my car)without my presents.

So do I let her dig herself into a hole of poverty and ignorance that will be impossible to get out of and just close the door when she comes for help? Part of me wants to teach her a lesson but I know what the result will be.

Harder than cancer she is to deal with.

As for myself, I did make an appointment to deal with my hair. I am running a lot but I am not losing weight. I am definitely firmer with better muscle tone but there is just too much of me to love. Must make changes.

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Sara Williams said...

I hear what you are saying about the weight thing.... me too! I am not going to give in however, I am running again, just swam for the first time since my diagnosis today and I am following weight watchers too.

As for your daughter.... I dont know what to say, that is such a difficult dilema


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