Friday, November 27, 2009


Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, the Y was having some free classes. My friend and I took the beginning Pilate's class. Now another thing I suck at. I couldn't even breathe correctly (they want you to breathe in while pushing your belly out and exhale bringing your belly in- I do just the opposite). I especially wasn't good at that exercise where one lies on one's side and lifts the whole body by one arm-seems more difficult than an one-armed push-up and I can't even do a 2 handed one. Even though I have been working on my lack of flexibility, I did way worst than anyone on maneuvers emphasising that. My friend was lost too but at least she got points for being flexible although they told her maybe she was too flexible. So Pilate's is supposed to work on 'core muscles' and I guess I just use my peripheral ones. Afterwards, I lifted weights. No coordination needed for that.

The class made me sad or maybe I was just sad already. Got the blues.


krisa said...

you are always my inspiration for working out, especially when I would rather do something else(vegetate).
I have done pilates and over time I did better than when I first started, so please don't be so hard on yourself. How many people do you know who can run the miles that you do? :)
I took breathing lessons--most people breathe the way you describe but when you learn the other way it makes a big difference just takes some practice.
sorry you feel blue today, I have those days too.
take care.

Sara Williams said...

Ahhh, if pilates makes you sad, then sack it! You dont need things in your life which make you feel down. I have blue days every now and again. Try focusing on stuff you enjoy and know that you are good at. You are a wonderful lady, talented and warm. Hope you are feeling pink tomorrow!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks for your kind words Krisa and Sara. I'm much better today.

Teri B. said...

"Core" exercise classes like Pilates have always been hard for me, too. I do wall push-ups to build myself up to be able to function in them at all...I am once again on a wall push-up phase (50/day...increasingly difficult the farther the feet are from the wall)...maybe I will go back to the classes look great, by the way...

Alli said...

Me and pilates well we just don't jive!! Sue you are an inspiration with your running. I think I do well just walking to the other end of my apartment with my tree trunks for legs right now.

I'm hoping after the holidays to find a personal trainer get me started on the road to building up my strength.
I did like the pool running though...

Alli xx


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