Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't sleep with the light on...

There are many behaviors linked to breast cancer but here is a new one..incandescent lighting. Apparently the blue wavelengths associated with it suppress melatonin, which in turn is a tumor suppressor. Computer screens also suppress melatonin. Apparently women who routinely work night shifts and are thus exposed to artificial light have higher cancer rates. Conversely, the rate of BC in blind women is low (and they have high rates of melatonin). All here in the following:

Tomorrow I go for my mammogram and follow-up with the radiation onc. I have a bit of 'scanxiety'. My original tumor(s) could not be felt. Who knows what has sprung up in there? My husband will have the remaining car we have being an election official. I guess I could run to the hospital or have my house guest wake up to take me...

Yesterday, though cool, was actually quite pretty.We still have maybe 25% of our leaves here in "Tree Town"-Ann Arbor's nick-name though less apt since the mountain ash borer invasion. I had a nice run and later walked through the Arb with Steve. I also did just a bit of gardening. I still have some stuff in bloom: cosmos-one plant is over 10 feet tall and English daisies. My house guest later returned from her travels.

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