Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day

gila woodpecker on ocotillo blossom, one of the reprints I ordered for my wall

Maypole dance 1958 Corning High. I am a 5 year old speck in the crowd. My house, not shown, would be to the far right

Back in New York, May Day was always celebrated. At school, we danced
around a tether ball pole holding crepe paper ribbons to music. In the afternoon,
we'd go watch the much more elaborate high schoolers with their satin ribbons
and pastel dresses. None of this in Michigan.

May Day is also my step-grandmother's birthday. She has been dead more than
7 years. Is her estate settled? Nope. Just lots of promises. Unfortunately
everything is in Quebec, which has much different laws than in the US
and in a different language.

Another gray, drizzly day. I did spend some time weeding especially
targeting weed trees.
I have an oriole and 2 humming bird feeders out. No takers so far though
both species have been spotted in Michigan. The barn swallows came back
early and are determined to run me off of 'their' property swooping in my
face if I go on the porch or near the garage.

With rhubarb juice oozing out of the tart, I made the long drive to the opposite
end of the county deep into the woods for Mom's group the other night. The tart,
though messy, was tasty as was the rest of the food made by the Moms. Featured
drink: bloody Marys.

And Josh was finally able to take me out for my birthday. I really enjoy our talks.
He was glad to have grown up in Ann Arbor even though it is an island surrounded
by reality. And my Blood orange margarita was nice too. Lots of 'blood' drinks this
weekend. Back to being 'good'.

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Elephant's Child said...

Glad you got your long postponed birthday treat.


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