Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rocky Raccoon has a sweet tooth

flamingo willow
azalea and holly
dahlia, dahling
the first of many sweet Williams. Planted seeds last year. Lots of blossoms forming

Lots of gardening accomplished this week along with 2 more trips to nurseries and the farmer's market. I planted seeds in pots a month ago. Hopefully I can fill out some beds with those. And I scrubbed out my pond, a disgusting job but now it is clean though I can't get the waterfall feature to work, at least I have a pond aerator.

I have 3 hummingbird feeders and one oriole feeder (my lone oriole is still visiting) For the past two weeks, I've found them on the ground most of the time the next morning. At first I thought maybe the wind though the bird feeders were always OK. One of the hummingbird feeder is right next to my bedroom window so I can see them while lounging around. Last night at one am, I heard the feeder clanging against my window. I quickly opened the blind. There was Rocky Raccoon on the ledge. Did he jump off? not until Steve pounded on the window. My hostas have been trampled so I knew it was something big. I suppose I should take the feeders in at night to fix his wagon but the hummingbirds are early and late feeders. We now have lights on in back. Hopefully that will scare him off.

I spent more time with my friendly dentist yesterday. I thought I would get a 6 month break from him but no such luck. A piece of a bicuspid broke off as I was eating my granola last week. And extra bonus, I used up too much of my insurance already this year to have much of a crown covered. So I have a temporary on that will hopefully last until January. Steve has a much worst tooth that will cost mega bucks as he probably needs an implant. He had crowns put on most of his teeth in his early twenties, the result of his parents thinking soda was a suitable beverage for kids. Evil stuff. I didn't get much soda as a kid mainly because my father thought it too expensive.
Now I see that pediatricians are recommending severely limiting juice consumption for young children.

And my big bike ride from Pittsburgh to DC has been postponed a year. A woman who was going to go with us has an injury. We were depending on her husband to use his van as a support vehicle. So I was given a choice the other night, do it without support or wait a year. I will try to have some fun doing something else I still have the ride in Northern Michigan in 2 months.

Maya's pediatrician had recommended behavioral therapy along with drugs for her ADHD. There is a long waiting list for the former. MY friend Soulmate, a child psychiatrist, was angry that we didn't try behavioral therapy first (again waiting list)  though I have my doubts. How can one talk out a chemical imbalance? Tonight we had the initial interview with a social worker to assess Maya. Still have to wait for a therapist. By that time, Maya's insurance may be canceled.

6 pounds to go though some think I should be done. BMI is now 23. Capris I had bought for my Arizona trip are ridiculously  large now.

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Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the dental front. It never ends - and costs the earth.
And hooray on your continuing weight loss.


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