Friday, January 11, 2019

Salad turnips

I do love my new lamp though I don't have the proper stand to put it on yet. I believe the bird is a mot mot, which we saw in Costa Rica

colorful salad for out cooking class

now all mixed up

these are salad turnips. The bulbs can be eaten raw or cut up into salads. The greens can be cooked

The subject of our cooking class was 'brain food' though to me that sounded vague. Foods to prevent Alzheimer's? Fatty fish seems to be important so she cooked salmon unfortunately with asparagus on top. All the colorful vegetables and fruit is to contain anticancer ingredients thus the colorful salad with a dressing from sesame, peanut butter and orange juice that was especially tasty.

The local hospital has farm fields and hot houses that routinely donates food to us. So we all went home with bags of turnips. Last month, winter squash.

Each day, a new annoyance arises. I've been trying to deal with each issue with grace but day after day of new unpleasant surprises is starting to grind me down. The condo we own, which Naomi 'rents' from us had plumbing issues which we finally addressed. But that unleashed a series of new problems resulting in 3 separate trips to the condo. Now we are getting a letter that they are fining us for something we took care of as soon as we heard about it. We can appeal. We have a second floor condo and an evil bitchy nag on the bottom floor. Last year she went into our private space and turned the water shut off valve off without asking our permission or even telling us. Then she refused to answer the door. We had called a plumber, which fortunately we were able to cancel as soon as we figured out the problem. Should have filed a police report as she is just so annoying.

My friend who I had been taking care of accused me of getting her sick. But I am not sick nor have I been in a year. Well you must be a carrier. I haven't managed to carry whatever I am allegedly accused of to anyone else plus I especially follow good hygiene while dealing with the immunosuppressed. I must have been forgiven because I am to resume helping her tomorrow.

Our reprieve from winter is over. I was able to bike 50 miles in the relative warmth but back to freezing glum skies. 

I did see an interesting movie, The Favourite, the other night after a sushi dinner so I've been having a little fun. And we should get our 2nd car back next week as Josh is willing to sell his car earlier than planned to Naomi, whose car was totaled by the deer herd on Christmas eve.


Elephant's Child said...

Love your lamp.
Sigh (and hiss and spit) at the annoyances. Not least at the friend who accused you of making her sick.

Kat&Chris said...

That is a beautiful salad! Sounds tasty, too.


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