Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Local art

this beauty from a local glass artist I got at a church sale for a fraction of its price. I have little lights behind it so it glows at night

Some of my hairdresser's chickens who were there to greet me when I showed up to my hair appointment today. Who wasn't there? My hairdresser! I was so irritated as it is a 60 mile round trip. Today was the best day to get it done. She seems sorry for messing up. Maybe she should give me some of these girls' eggs..
Naomi overlooking Los Angeles

Catalina Island

I helped Allie make slime the other morning

She likes to wear her turtle outfit

I bought this cool tile from an artist down the road

My cousin's entry to the Holland Tulip Festival quilt contest. She's quite creative

Mother's Day flowers from Shanna

and from Steve

White bleeding hearts. Have several sets of pink ones in bloom too

Apres moi, la deluge!  Rain, rain, and more rain for the past 4 days. Thunderstorms greeted me when I awoke to do Sunday's big ride. I awaited until they went away leaving a steady cold drizzle. My loop usually has 2.5 miles of dirt roads which I imagined would be impassable. As the sun never shone, I could head back east on the paved roads. Hard to avoid the water that swamped some of the low lying areas. I was a muddy mess when I returned even though I wasn't on dirt roads.

I probably had ten orioles, most of them Baltimores but probably some of the smaller orchard orioles too. It was difficult keeping them fed. The constant rains would wash away the jelly. They would empty the humming bird feeders (fortunately for the hummers I have suitable flowers for them). And the catbirds would eat all the fruit put out for the orioles. Other birders reported the same strange oriole attack too. One said that scarlet tanagers came with the orioles, a person who lives only 3 miles from me. I have my eye out for them but so far, no tanagers. I never have seen a scarlet one, our alleged local variety. I've see the summer kind out west and the lilac ones in Costa Rica.

Many of the orioles seemed to have moved on. I still have 4 or so eating the oranges.

So less biking than I would like. I've been running in between storms.

For Mother's Day weekend, I saw most of the grandbabies. I've done more gardening. Getting the vegetables in was my first priority followed by the summer bulbs. I will eventually finish with flowers.

Today I had planned to have my hair fixed, a long drive but she does a good job. However she needs a better appointment minder!! So annoyed that she wasn't there. I try again in a few days. Grrrrr.

Went to a local art show. Years ago, the main artist who sponsors the show and has a studio 1.5 miles away had a friend in common with me. This friend would farm sit her farm (about 4 miles away from where I live now) As she was nervous staying out in the country by herself, I would keep her company. I hadn't met the owner until a few years ago. We both aren't friends anymore by the friend in common. Her husband makes fanciful life sized sculptures. I had photographed his blue giraffe in Grand Rapids ArtPrize not realizing it was made just down the street where it now stands in the parking lot.

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Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the hairdressing front. I suspect I would have been more than a little miffed.
Love your art work. And flowers.


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