Sunday, January 14, 2018

The road not taken

Movie night with some of the Moms. The Shape of Water.  Interesting

This is the other theater recently restored that belongs to the same organization

lights so pretty in downtown Ann Arbor. Why so blurry? Need new wipers

No thanks to an ice storm, she had no school and her dad couldn't come to pick her up. More Maya time. I have lots of costumes that appeal to little girls

So far, this winter has been quite brutal. If it isn't below zero, then it's ice. We had one warm day: it went up to 60 only to plunge that much the next day. I did take my bike out on the warm day though it was very windy. Lots of puddles and grit on my path. I returned home covered in mud. Even got mud through the ventilation holes of my helmet. So I haven't been out much. Fortunately I have my basement gym back.

Before the movie the other night, we went to a very popular ramen shop on campus. Tasty but pricey. We were the oldest there by about 30 years. Had an interesting drink that was a mix of vodka, earl grey tea, grapefruit juice and ginger. Mute lady falls in love with a sea creature that is set to be destroyed by some sadistic military person. Wonderful photography; crazy plot.

I've spent two days de-Christmasing my house though we still have snowflake lights setting off seizures on our porch.

When I was a sophomore in college, I met my old boyfriend.  He remains the smartest person I probably ever knew at least in math. He had some holes in social skills. We were with each other for 3 years and were set to get married. Things were far from perfect however and just as well that we split up though I found it very traumatic at the time. He just disappeared. I tracked him down about20 years ago and then he disappeared again. He does have a very common name.

Suddenly he appeared again last week and we've been in contact. OMG, he is a Trump supporter. Again, he might be a math genius but a few light bulbs are out in other parts of his brain. Yep Trump is great because his stock portfolio is doing great. And the 'sh*thole" comment? Is this possibly defensible? Yep, it is refreshingly honest and a sign to his racist supporters that he is still with them. And the countries are 'sh*tholes' as he had gone to one and it smelled like it.

How to become a 'sh*thole" country? Abandon all environmental measures so our rivers and lakes are full of toxins again. Increase the gap between wealthy and poor so the poor will be forced to live in favelas. He doesn't see it.

So glad we parted and I bet my babies ended up way cuter.


Elephant's Child said...

It sounds like you had a very lucky escape splitting up with him. A very, very lucky escape. And yes, I have heard other people applaud the Trumpster's honesty. Sigh.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I was so upset about it at the time even though I knew we had to go our own ways.


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