Tuesday, January 9, 2018


close up of the dragon's mouth

Hannah pretending I'm not there

Instead of the highs being only 10 degrees as for the last 2 weeks, it will be 50, yes 50 in 2 days. Maybe I will be able to bicycle if it isn't pouring rain. I exercise best in the morning and it was still too icy out there to be safe today. Fortunately I have my indoor system.

I was so stressed about various things in the last few days, I had this sinking feeling in my stomach especially as our time in the court house came close. I even forgot to take my drugs. And as anxious as I was about things, I knew it was tenfold for Naomi. 

No cellphones are allowed in the courthouse which I was already aware of. My boots set off a metal detector. I was told to take them off. Really. We were surrounded by muddy puddles. Fortunately they had some crocs available so at least my feet wouldn't get wet. I was not allowed in the mediation session though I gave Naomi notes so she would make sure to cover certain points. Fortunately the mediator was on her side most of the time. The last time, not so much. They can never see the same person twice. Most of what I was afraid of never came up. The main issue was whether Naomi is responsible for any of the driving between visits. She said No as moving 150 miles away was done without the court's permission. However in court 2 months ago, the judge, and he is the only one that they can ever see, had said something about how they should share equally as it is important for a child to have a father in their life. From the peanut gallery, I gasped and started to say something, but a lawyer warned me I would be kicked out. Naomi was too dumbfounded to say anything. Don'tae wouldn't let this go saying the judge agreed with him. The mediator said the judge would not had he known all the facts of the case. So they were at an impasse. The mediator said that something had to be decided or back to the judge (and more filings and paperwork). How would the judge rule? Naomi couldn't risk it and agreed that twice a month, she would drive Maya back half way.

So it could have been worse. The last two weeks I have been obsessed with worse case scenarios over the 3 main issues that I was dealing with. And now that things are mostly resolved, I feel a bit ridiculous. I can relax a bit for now but there is always something not the least being the bozo in the oval office.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad that your worst fears weren't realised. And as a dedicated worry-wart, I feel for you. All that energy. Wasted.

Kat&Chris said...

So glad that some of the issues are being resolved; it is so tough when the system makes straightforward resolutions unlikely . Enjoy your January thaw and clear pavement!
I dream of the day when the bozo in the WH is gone..

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Thanks ladies


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