Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Smells good enough to eat

My  dining room tree. It lights up at night

new tree thanks to one of the moms

In my bathroom, especially in my shower, I have all sorts of scrubs and washes of various fragrances. A new one thanks to one of the moms: ginger and cardamom. My favorite for soaking in the tub; ginger blossom though I have to be careful to use just a little. Our soft water makes things suds more easily. I did finally find time to lounge around in my jacuzzi last week with my scented candles (vanilla cookie) and wine. When I wash Maya's face, I give her a choice: sometimes she wants coconut, other times she wants to smell like the sea.  brought my assortment f hair stuff and lotions to Tessa's house as I felt she needed something that didn't dry her skin and hair out so much. She liked how everything smelled except for the rosemary shampoo. Kids don't like herbal aromas. I remember my mom put lavender sachets in all her drawers. I hated the smell as aid but I am learning to like it.
Does anyone remember Mum's deodorant? It came as a cream in a white glass jar It said it gave 7 day protection. Seven days without cleaning? Yuk.

I am trying to distract myself from worrying about our impending trip. We have a short lay over in Paris before flying to Madrid. We just got a text saying our plane will leave even later making the layover a real scramble. I am all packed. Hope I didn't forget anything. 

Apple will no longer support Blogger. Boo hiss. I will have my phone but unless I borrow a computer, photos will have to wait. I will put stuff on Facebook.

Hasta la vista!


Elephant's Child said...

Enjoy your trip.
I adore lavender. And sprinkle it on my pillow in a (vain) attempt to sleep better. Re the seven day deodorant? An ad has just been shown here spouting a deodorant which gives seven days protection and dryness - and the reaction in the house was basically urk. And definitely yuk.

Kat&Chris said...

Bon Voyage!!


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