Thursday, August 3, 2017

The invasion of the Swallowtails

I went out to pick fresh dill for my matzoh ball soup this afternoon. Yesterday, I had lots as I was showing my friend my herb garden. Today, just bare green sticks with these caterpillars on it. I transferred them to some Queen Anne's lace. They feed only on dill, fennel, carrots and Queen Anne's lace. I will find more Queen Anne's lace for them to eat tomorrow as I am sure they will eat it all overnight
Maya helped pick these though I wish she left the green ones alone
lots of tomatillo
okra has interesting blossoms
Hannah last night
the boys playing scientiist
Shanna took the kids to the park
and the Dairy-go-round

my newest folk doll though Tessa thinks it's creepy

What those caterpillars will turn into. Swallowtails. Note to self: don't plant dill next to a butterfly bush

This has been the week that it has rained everywhere except here though right now I hear thunder. It has been the week of grandbabies. Shanna's kids on the weekend and Maya most of the week while her mom is away in CA though now all the kids are gone. Quiet. Maya did spend the night at Tessa's and last night we took her to play with Allie. Still she is hard to entertain, so full of energy.

I did get my bike back though I haven't had time to ride it. I have been running instead despite the heat and humidity. Next week, a trip to the West Coast (of Michigan)

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Elephant's Child said...

Hannah is growing soooo fast.
Love the swallowtails in embryo.


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