Wednesday, August 9, 2017

From XL to XS

Maya went up to the Upper Peninsula with her father last weekend
orange sweetheart rose
hardy hibiscus finally in bloom
stopped by graffiti alley yesterday

I thought I had a brand new bird but after much searching, it is a juvenile red wing black bird
stopped by the fancier resale shop to get even smaller clothes. Found this hand made glass pin

I feel sometimes a bit like Alice in Alice in Wonderland: Big, small, big, small.  I am slowly introducing the forbidden foods to my diet (in small doses) but I still seem to be losing weight albeit much more slowly. Clothes purchased more than a month ago are now too baggy.

Dilly the caterpillar seems like he is ready to pupate. Or maybe he is dead. He was eating non-stop until yesterday. Now he is clinging to a stem immobile. Presumably his caterpillar phase was to last 10 days and I had him for 6. How long until he turns into a butterfly? That is real variable as it turns out. It takes Monarchs 14 days but it could take much longer.

Naomi's car has this strange transmission: an automatic standard transmission. It will even roll backwards when stopped on a hill. A silly concept and one the company has had problems with. Last week it started acting like a bad stick shift driver was driving it with jerking, stalling, switching into the wrong gears all by itself. It acts like it has a bad clutch. Sounds expensive but it is part of the 'drive train' that has an extended warranty. Bad news, only to 60, 000 miles. But with some sleuthing, I found out (Ford has not sent me this letter), they extended the warranty to 100,000 miles. Naomi is just 240 miles shy of that. Do not drive!!!!! Hopefully the dealer will fix the problem for free next week. Until then, she has our other car and I am leaving tomorrow with the remaining car.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am still super impressed at your weight loss. That is a huge shift.
And hope that Dilly does pupate - while you are watching.


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