Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sparkly butterfly

Shanna and Tessa at a Mother's Day tea
me trying to take a selfie to show my top. Arms are blocking the design. Notice all the plants still inside
Isn't this cool? Actually it looks more like a moth. The base is silk but it is covered with thousands of beads. My cost: $10.
glass bottle wind chime from up north and a begonia basket Really should take down snowflake lights

I have been busy today. As soon as I got up, fueled by one cup of coffee, I was out on the bike at dawn. Sundays are a better day to ride but if the weather is good, I will ride both days on the weekend. Need to catch up for my two long bike rides. I noticed that the nearby church had its big sale already but they were going to do deep discounts on the last day. I quickly showed up to find that top and some picture frames.

I had gone to a huge nursery yesterday with some friends. Today I spent 3 hours planting stuff. Still have much work to do in the yard. Each day I do a bit (today a whole lot). Still have to set up my pond.

And this afternoon I am processing rhubarb. Some of it I turned into jam. What did I thicken it with? Orange peel. I didn't realize until today that orange rind contains a lot of pectin. I also made 'roasted rhubarb' that can easily be added to things that one adds raisins to. One thing I might make with it is rhubarb scones, which I found on Mennonite Girls Can Cook which has many rhubarb recipes. I still have a lot that I can harvest.

Now that it isn't raining, I can keep my oriole happy with grape jelly. He has been ignoring the clementines. He has been trying to tip one of my hummingbird feeders over and lap up the spillage. Orioles are so pretty. Still no grosbeaks. I found a missing wren house hidden in some day lilies. Within a day of me hanging it, a wren began building its nest in there. Wrens are so plain looking but they sing so prettily and pick off bugs in the garden. I think I have 3 houses full of them.

Happy Mother's Day to you all! What am I doing for it? Who knows?

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Elephant's Child said...

Happy Mother's Day. Love that top.


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