Friday, January 14, 2011

The Dorm Room

Naomi imagining what her dorm room would look like. She had drawn this shortly after her 10th birthday. She imagined that she'd go to the same school as Josh did, an engineering school

When Naomi was younger, she loved to draw. She used to love to draw princesses and 
castles. She loved to include all sorts of details. I always liked this picture and had it on my
 wall at work. It is a bit wrinkled and pencil does not show up well with our scanner. I like
 the disco ball and the poster of Christina Aguillera.
What the picture shows is that she had a hard time getting proportions right.
Well she never will be in a dorm room. She needed to go to school close to home and
 now she has Maya.

I left work about three years ago. I had a large office which I filled with too much stuff 
over the 31 years I had worked there. I took a large plastic bag, filled it with numerous
 folders, and threw the whole mess in a corner of our den. Today I decided to sort
 through the bag and organize what is left. This picture is what was in the bag. I've
 thrown most of the stuff away. I have a folder now of most of my publications and

While I was working, I did not have much spare time. Both Josh and Naomi needed
 extensive help with homework though fortunately Josh was able to be much more
 independent once he went away to school. The kids were in travel sports so that
 meant weekends away. There were lots of practices to take the kids too and I rarely
 missed any of their games. I also tried to exercise 5 times a week. I also coached
 several sports teams and was a girl scout leader for six years. Many home projects
 just did not
 get done.

So now with all this time on my hands, my house should be spotless and all these
completed, right?
As usual, I do have my excuses..babies, weddings, and of course ...CANCER. I was
 lucky not to have as severe side effects as some do during chemo but the 7 months
 of treatments left me with little spare energy. I did absolutely no projects during that
 time. Steve spent most of the days battling the insurance companies and waiting on me.

I am taking a day off from working out. Sunny will arrive any minute so part of my 
exercise will be walking her while her owners ski.

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Teri Bernstein said...

Regular exercise, receiving visitors, world-class cooking, blogging...who has time for projects?


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