Friday, January 7, 2011


Mother and child

We have lived in this house almost 28 years. The kids have moved out but much of their stuff remains. I finally was able to have Naomi go through all her drawers today and decide what to keep (and take to her place) and what to give to Purple Heart tomorrow. I have about twenty bags of stuff, some of it is my clothes but a lot are sheets that we'd probably never use again. Although now I have almost two dressers free of clothes and now half a linen closet, there is much to be done. Josh's room is full of sports stuff from both Naomi and Josh. I still have many of his toys though I guess the grandkids can play with them when they come. The boys will be here in early May to be baptized. I hope to see them before then.
Ms. Maya is becoming more and more co-ordinated grabbing everything within reach. She's becoming more fun.
The place where Steve works is quite a bit different from where we worked (yet so close!). Hardly any equipment! He went home early as he needed some material that still is on order and can't work without it.

As it is slippery outside, back to the Y for a double workout: running and then weights

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