Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comfort Food

To see Posh Nosh's (my favorite show) take on comfort food see

I just returned from my Cooking for Wellness class. The subject: comfort food. Usually comfort food is full of fat and starch but in this class we tried to modify that. What we made: whole wheat mac and cheese made with low fat cheese, vegetarian chili, molasses oatmeal cookies and hot chocolate made with almond milk. Today in the WSJ, the non-dairy milks were compared for taste, texture, nutrition. Almond, rice, soy and coconut were compared. Almond came out the winner in almost all respects. The people in the class are either cancer survivors or supporters of a cancer survivor. We have a few regulars so it is fun to see these people once a month plus I really like the instructor who is a nutritionist and a BC survivor. I should make much more of these foods.

So it ended up snowing about 4-5 inches yesterday making the roads very slick yesterday.  Still not nearly as much as in Boston and NYC. I am now the chief snow shoveler as Steve is working.

About a year ago, I learned about the existence of Maya. It was very upsetting as I thought she (although initially she was believed to be a boy) would really make it hard for Naomi to continue her education and dig herself out of poverty. Yes Naomi will have to struggle that much more but Maya is a very beloved baby.

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