Monday, May 13, 2019


Some of my visitors. I have maybe ten. So far they have consumed two jars of jelly and numerous oranges. A catbird is to the far left. They love fruit too

Pretty. Most of the orioles are Baltimore orioles but yesterday I had the much rarer chestnut colored orchard oriole. He was somewhat smaller Alas no photo

They have been eaten suet too. She is doing battle with a woodpecker

Blurry selfie of us watching All my Sons at the Purple Rose. A fun night

Crouching life sized tiger at the local art studio which had a show this weekend

The parking lot is decorated with lots of statues

including this life sized giraffe

my purchase. I like him even though Steve thinks it is missing a hind end

Josh and his family took me here for Mother's Day

Sadly not my photo as I was too lazy to stop when I saw a tom all puffed up. This tom is about two miles away in a friend's yard

Cute stepping stone from Shanna for Mother's Day

As I was picking up Maya from school last week I told her that we had orioles. Good she said. They are her favorite cookie.

No, the orange birds. They come each May.
They were late this year but soon a flock descended so I spend much time refilling jelly cups.

Scan anxiety redux: I get a mammogram once a year and dread it as it never, never goes smoothly.Usually multiple scans are necessary. Sometimes biopsies  But I was sent home after a minimum of scans the other day with them saying they will call if there is a problem. What? I usually get the appointment that has the radiologist read the results then and there but I messed up or they did so I have to wait. What are the chances I will have to make another trip? About 100% though the tech says the scan was 'good' meaning it lined up perfectly with last year's. I have learned their idea of 'good' is quite a bit different from mine. Good for me is no sign of tumors. Good for them is we see the tumors loud and clear. So I get a long period of anxiety.

And for extra fun, my surgery was not approved by my insurance. My chances of getting a particular lethal kind of cancer in my current condition is 20% versus 1% for the rest of the population. I am appealing as I know it is covered in other states and was mandated in particular by the AHC. 

so lots of running and biking for me. Yesterday I heard the most unusual combination of birds. On one side of the road were the sandhill cranes croaking their prehistoric cry; on the other side peacocks

In 8 days I'm off to Holland. Will I get everything done before then? Will my friend survive until I get back. She fills her days seeing everyone she has ever known. She is at home with hospice visiting regularly. She is so calm about this.


Elephant's Child said...

Our mammograms always work that way. Have the scan and go away and wait for a call.
Love your orioles. And your new statue.
Sigh on the medical test front.
Have fun in Holland.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Sue!


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