Saturday, July 28, 2018

we go rogue

As I was setting up my tent (final time: this time I got it right which was needed as it poured the next night), a plane made a huge circle above us

the harbor in Harbor Springs. In back you can see a 90 foot yacht owned presumably by the Jimmy John's owner. I looked in the windows the next day. Crystal chandeliers. As for the springs, there are several that you can drink directly from. Handy for my run in the heat on the final day

our cross state rogue route. The supported route had us go up to Cross Village and then back down. How many times have I been on that road? Too many though it seems easier going north. Our cars were back in Cheybogan where the red dot is. The west to east line, 31 miles, has only one business on it midway. We had no idea of the road conditions (good as it turned out and not as hilly as I thought it was going to be) No phone service what so ever until we got to the red dot. Still we figured if one of us got a flat (I did have supplies except for tire irons), the other one could go get the car. We did this as the final day of riding snaking in between all those lakes was going to be filled with thunderstorms, which didn't happen. So I went for a nice run along the water on the last day before heading home
Hemmingway spent a lot of time in various places in Northern Michigan. Look at his cat's paw..lots of polydactyl cats running around Key West even now


I liked this poster for a book fair in many of the windows

famous Octagon house made by the architect Shay. They were having some Shay days celebration while we were there

gardens are so lush. They get much more rain than we do

the beach from my car window

lots of fancy houses. The one on the right has a stream going through the house

On the way home, I stopped by the fish hatchery that I had passed on when I had a bike

Lots of trout

Our first night in Harbor Springs was quite pleasant. I had been trying to get along without a sleeping bag (space hog) and just use a down blanket but froze one night. I could have kept Naomi's after she left but it got warmer and she left me a sweatshirt so I was fine. Food was better here and the cafeteria ladies not so crabby. We walked to town after dinner. Lots of street musicians all around. The town is very cute. We found an outdoor bar where several riders joined us. it was nice.

All through the week, various people kept telling me I look just like so and so. I guess my bland features make me look like about anybody or there are lots of doppelgangers out and about.

We had been lucky with the weather but that was going to change. Thunderstorms and high winds were forecasted for the last day plus they were putting us back on gravel trails which are even less fun wet. And it would be a long day. Looking at a map, we saw that we could get our car a day early just going a few more miles. Turns out another 25 people had the same idea though we didn't see them while we were biking. We did see them as we drove our cars back on the same road.

We were to go up and down M-119, the infamous Tunnel of Trees considered the most scenic road in Michigan though usually in the fall when all the leaves have changed. Naomi and I took the car up it the day before. I first went on it towards the end of a 110 mile ride when I was younger (Lansing to St. Ignace with the final 5 miles over the Mackinaw Bridge) the infamous Dalmac ride..400 miles in 4 days. Steve and I had biked on it too. But once its enough.  We stopped again at the cute art gallery (my friend hadn't been there) and off we went off the map. No problems though and the road was is in good shape. We did stop at the half way point gas station for some cold gatoraid to fuel us through the last 16 miles. Then we were able to get a table in the gardens at Leg's Inn (which involves a wait, Naomi didn't have time for that when we went)  It was very nice. Our ride was over so no need to rush back, just sit and relax.

Before the rain started, I went back to town. For some crazy reason, they didn't want us parking anywhere near the school (though there was plenty of parking)  I got caught in the downpour walking from the remote site and hunkered down in my tent.  The deluge stopped before dawn. After packing up, I went for a run along the fancy houses facing the beach later going back by car with my camera. A walk in the drizzle at the fish hatchery and then the long drive to home. I did get stuck in a downpour in which we all had to slow down to 30 as there was little visibility. Fortunately the car problem I had coming up didn't repeat itself. We are thinking some sort of electronic malfunction. Everytime the orange wrench goes on (ominous sign), a code appears in the control center. I just need to take it to a code reader and see what havoc I am in for.

So another shortened ride. I've been trying to make up for it by riding a lot after I got home.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love those lush gardens. And long for rain.
The houses are interesting, but my lazy self shudders at the cleaning involved.
Impressed (as always) at your activity.


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