Friday, June 22, 2018

the solstice

These will be my new 'fun' glasses. Not the thriftiest of choices. I had already picked out some reasonable frames at Costco but bowed to pressure from a very good saleslady. You look like a fun person, don't you want to have fun glasses too. This photo doesn't show all the bright colors, mainly orange, in the frame Once I have them in hand, I will have another photo with them and my new op art backless dress that I splurged on later that day

Tessa and her pet hamster who I will be watching soon

Steve thinks my crow flag will scare the birds away. I do have a cat flag too but that is suspended over the kids' area in the basement
Downhill from here; the days will get shorter and shorter. I've been out the door before 6 am to try to beat the heat though today, the high was only 70.

I still have made no plans for the summer. And one very tentative plan fell through putting me into pity party mode briefly. Still deciding about the bike ride. I have a week to ponder.

Extra fun: I have poison ivy yet again but a very mild case. I did chop some down wearing gloves and removing and disposing of the gloves carefully. Maybe I just looked at it too long.

Steve was supposed to be on jury duty last week, federal court no less, which meant going to Detroit. He filled out all the paperwork but then forgot to call on the day requested. He remembered more than a week later. Fortunately he was not needed or as the paper warns, there would be a warrant for his arrest.We have been getting these delightful calls lately as has most of the country saying that we are on a list of lawbreakers and unless we call this number, the local law enforcement will arrest us in 24 hours. Well in his case, that would be true.

I have been seeing friends to keep myself entertained and tackling the garden, which still needs more weeding.. My squash are half sized now and I have green tomatoes. Lettuce and swiss chard have been harvested but are still growing.


Elephant's Child said...

Your glasses look good. Looking forward to seeing them in colour.
I have been getting emails saying that I am a criminal, and offering me easy ways to pay. So far I have resisted.

Snowbrush said...

Do I only imagine a similarity in the smiles?

I can't even imagine forgetting jury duty, and I'm so very glad that he wasn't needed. I've been called many times in three states, though never on federal. I have been on two grand juries, one devoted only to drug cases, and the other only to child abuse cases. I served on the latter for six months, but was only called when needed, which came to maybe ten days. I think that seventy is the golden age at which, if I request it, I can be forevermore excused, and maybe I'll do that. I really don't know.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I served on a district court jury years ago. I was called for jury duty while I was receiving daily radiation for my cancer treatment. I was given only a few days to get a medical excuse to them, which was a pain especially when I was feeling so bad. They haven't called me since.

Tessa looks a lot like my mom so I guess we all smile similarly.

Snowbrush said...

"I was given only a few days to get a medical excuse to them, which was a pain especially when I was feeling so bad."

Peggy has gotten excused a time or two, and each time, they just put her name back in the jury pool for a future draw, and she wasn't called at all.

For most of the times I was called to jury duty, I would have to report to the court house everyday for upwards of a week. Then, here in Oregon, they finally instituted the one day telephone call in notice, which means that if you're not called to come in on a certain day, you're done. I always enjoyed jury duty, or at least found it interesting, like the time in Mississippi when the woman behind me rapped me on the head when I didn't stand for prayer, or the time in Minnesota when I wouldn't take the jurors' oath, and, when asked the reason, said I was an atheist and was dismissed from the jury by the D.A. It was a rape case, and I could see it in his eyes that the defendant really wanted me on the jury, and I have wondered why for all these 29 years.

"Tessa looks a lot like my mom so I guess we all smile similarly."

The similarity is mostly due to the tilt of the head.


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