Saturday, April 21, 2018

Happy Birthday me

What am I doing with a parrot on my head?
The Moms took me out for Happy Hour. Later, it was finally warm enough to sit outside with some wine

Shanna had gotten this for me or Xmas. The ground finally was soft enough to put this flag up. No real tulips are blooming here though I have photos of them my birthday last year. I thought that spring was late  Ha!

I do have one lone daffodil of the hundreds I should have

my mystery serigraph. Artist Suzanne Pascal  I've had some fun researching her

Could I really be so old? I don't feel it though I know how much slower I run now than in my prime. Still I can run for more than 90 minutes without stopping, which I did earlier this week but I only covered 8 miles whereas once I could have run more than 11 miles in the same time frame. Mackinac Island is 8,2miles around its perimeter road and  ran it in a race in an even hour.  Hopefully all this running will transfer to bicycling which  will begin doing tomorrow as it will finally be warm enough.
Shall I do the Michigander this year? Everyone I did it with last year can't do it so I would be the lone rider. I'm sure I'd make friends. They will have some Mackinac days. I am still riding from Pittsburgh to DC in a month.

Never has spring been so late. More ice on the road Tuesday. It's been in the twenties on the other mornings I have run. And the roads are so damaged from all the freezing and thawing.

I had a very nice birthday lunch with Shanna yesterday, my husband today and tomorrow my son.

Suzanne Pascal was born in 1914 deaf and used art to communicate. She only very recently died. She studied in Paris under a student of Picasso's. Most of her fame isn't with her paintings but with her glass sculptures. Glass is really hard to sculpt as it usually shatters. Quite late in life she learned of an abandoned glass factory whose products were just left open to the elements for years. This factory btw is right next to the bike trail  in SW Pennsylvania we will be riding on. She tested the big clumps of glass. They had tempered such that that could be chiseled like marble. She had tons of it shipped to her studio in California and set out to sculpt quickly gaining fame. She sold one of her pieces (had lots of famous and infamous clients) for more than $3 million to a Kluge, owner of a winery in Charlottesville VA who had it placed front and center. After he died, Trump bought the winery (on the cheap) and had no interest in the sculpture. He agreed to donate to the very small town  (Dunbar) as that is where the glass came from. I am not sure whether they have been able to display it.

What I have is a limited edition serigraph. I know what was charged 25 years ago and what I paid (pretty much one hundredth of the asking price). How much is it really worth? Who knows. It's now on my dining room wall

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Elephant's Child said...

A very happy birthday to you.
Filled with cyber tulips until the real ones bloom.
Why am I not surprised that Trump wasn't interested in sculpture...


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