Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Fall Catch-ip

As I write this, we are experiencing yet another power outage expected to last 4 hours, better than 4 days as some of our other outages have. Still it is cold and dark and I want to wash myself but as we are on a well, no water

As previously stated, I hadn’t blogged since August so I am going through the highlights. As I write it is dark and dead outside and I miss color so much.  Above is a family outing to Northville with my sister in law from Washington State missing Naomi and Maya

Tessa took up cross country running. When I was a kid it was believed that running more than 600 yards was harmful to women. Thinking has changed 
Lots of pretty sunrises on my bike rides
Some of my harvest. Not pictured are zillions of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers 
Our library 
At an art fair I bought this repurposed French horn as a speaker. I had a close friend who played French horn and it reminds me of him
When the grandkids come, they draw, drink Izzy’s and eat pocky sticks. This is one of Allie’s creations age 9
September blooms 
Lots of praying mantis 
A good year for hibiscus 
Late fall bouquet 
In October went to LA to visit friends helping one take care of dogs and grandchildren 
She was a sweet husky
Also took some bike rides along the ocean
Visited the art museum on Loyola Marymount campus. We had a personal tour by this young woman 

Interesting art deco building near where I stayed 
Bike ride to a great enchilada place in Hermosa Beach
Me helping one of my charges putting together a puzzle
Plane ride over the Colorado River
A salad I made for my Chosen Sisters with some of my harvest

Good year for hydrangeas 
And nasturtium 

Burning bush
Maya and Tessa 
Colors were delayed this year
Melting skittles 

It was a crazy summer. Usually May is rainy but we had a drought but record rains in August when it usually is dry 
We had a mast year, when all the oak trees decide to make lots of acorns. Along with a bumper crop of walnuts the squirrels didn’t need to come raid the bird seed but now that’s it is January they came back 


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