Friday, May 28, 2021

Planting season


I have columbines of 4 different colors
A good friend has been making jewelry for us during the pandemic. When Maya saw the key chain made for me, she wanted one too as did Naomi
One of my many purchases for container gardens
The vegetable garden three days after planting. Lettuc came up by itself. Rhubarb, onions and asparagus are always there
Chestnut tree
Maya and I on the shrimp chair. It has a canopy and rocks

White bleeding hearts. Still have two pink ones still in bloom after 6 weeks
Fancy coconut margarita for Mother's day
Some of my 4 sets of Mother's Day flowers
Grandbabies on Mother's Day
Early morning sunrise on nearby lake
female hummer I have about 4 of them arriving early in May with the Baltimore orioles
Maya on University of Michigan campus
Every 17 years thousands of these cicadas hatch for 2 days then die Its that year Usually they are in forests but this one made its way to my garden

Hours and hours have been spent preparing multiple beds and planting 16 flats of annuals and vegetables and numerous perennials, some bought and some donated. Also planted a lot of seeds and will distribute them as they are bigger to beds  What I really need to do is mulch all these beds to minimize their watering and weeding. I also planted dahlias, gladiolas, Cana and calla lilies. Aside from making some of my planters prettier and never ending weeding, I am almost done

On some mornings, I am up before 6 riding my bike or running when there is less traffic, heat and wind. I am still not running as far as I was before my injury but I am gradually improving. I have biked more; so far almost 2100 miles between the indoor and the outdoor bike.

I have hosted work friends one night which was warm (too warm) for us all to sit outside. All the kids and grandkids came over for Mother's Day. It was the first time the cousins were all together since the pandemic. Oliver had his first vaccine a few weeks ago; Daniel will be eligible this summer. Might be in the fall when they approve it for the under 12s. Michigan in April had one of the highest Covid caseloads in the country. Too many stupid trumpers. But finally the infection rate has gone down considerably. As some of the newly eligible are not adults, in some states, they need adult permission to get the vaccine. Other states let the kids decide. Lots of cases where the kids want the vaccine but their ignorant parents won't let them.

But as it is warm out, I can meet with my friends outside and have which is nice. The CDC says that the vaccinated can sit inside without masks with each other though some of my friends do not want to take chances. Vaccinated people still can get sick but they rarely die so I feel much better about the pandemic now.

Some states are providing financial incentives for vaccines. Ohio had a million dollar lottery for the newly vaccinated. Ha A Michigan person won.

Monday, May 3, 2021

May flies


Bleeding hearts. I have white and pink ones. Unfortunately a late spring snowstorm broke all the stems. At least the plant will survive
Our house after the snowstorm. Late April
The service berry blossoms had been out. Now covered with snow balls
pansies covered in snow. They survived. In the past I had them bloom in the winter. However the hot sun of summer will kill them

Trick mirror and my legs at the Henry Ford Museum
For my birthday Shanna treated me to a Tiffany exhibit at the Henry Ford. I do love glass
Serviceberry blossoms before our snowstorm Pear blossoms and these came early and lasted for a long time this year
Our Chosen Sisters group finally met in person as we all have been vaccinated for some time. I made a black forest cake. Sort of messy
Covid ran through Maya's dad's family so we had her for 3 weekends as the disease ran its course Michigan is still a hotspot full of idiots who think it is alright to kidnap our governor who asked us to wear masks. These same idiots refuse to get vaccinated too. I won't shed a tear if they get sick but unfortunately they take out the innocent and if they are hospitalized, we foot the bill

Maya doesn't need glasses but she feels they make her look smart. Today she is in school for the first time in 14 months

Tessa got to go on a Girl Scout field trip and then got this enormous sundae
I have at least 5 varieties of daffodils. They don't last long as cut flowers
double rainbow over a Target parking lot taken by Naomi
lensball photo of daffodils
Maya likes our jacuzzi
For whatever reason, it was easier to negotiate vaccine websites in Ohio, which is fairly close. We arranged for Josh, Julie, and Naomi to get a J&J one early in the month before they were pulled for blood clots. The parking lot was full of Michigan plates
Krispy Kreme offers free doughnuts to the vaccinated. Not any near us in Ann Arbor but Naomi and I went to one in Toledo after her vaccine. Both she and Josh reacted quite strongly to the vaccine. No blood clots though which were 3 cases out of millions

So much of the past month has been clearing my gardens for planting and I am not finished. In a week or so the frost threat should pass and I can plant some annuals. We have had all extremes of temperatures but I have been riding my bike quite a bit, a 1000 miles so far this year and almost 700 miles on the indoor. I did start running on Easter, very slowly. My injury is about 90% healed and most of the time I don't feel it. There are still certain moves I can't do.

I have been seeing my kids and friends so I don't feel so isolated nor do I worry much about covid. I am frustrated with how stupid people are though concerning masks and vaccines. I am glad we have a grown up in the White House instead of that evil Putin installed imbecile.

My birthday came and went. Such a big number! But I don't feel it nor do I think I look it. Over a week my family and friends helped me celebrate

Thursday, April 1, 2021

A month of birthdays

this one turned 9 wearing the too big outfit we got for her
Thirty years ago I gave birth to Naomi who I am holding surrounded by Josh and Shanna

My mom and sister in law are there along with three nieces though one is off camera

On Josh's birthday we took him out to lunch. Although the outside temp was only 40 degrees, things heated up quickly in the igloo
Maya who is almost 11, is wearing a dress I bought for Naomi when she was ten Maya has yet to hit her growth spurt Even 7 year Allie is now taller
Naomi wearing the same dressat age 10

 Naomi yesterday on her thirtieth birthday, my baby

So March, full of birthdays, is over and now it is spring with its peepers, crocuses, and daffodils though today is unseasonably cold so back downstairs into the dungeon to exercise. I planted pansies to brighten my mood. Hopefully the 20 degree cold didn't kill them. They are 'cold hardy' but haven't had time to be established. Another thing I am trying is a new variety of hardy fig. I have put it in a large planter that I can pull into the garage until it is more established.

Our state, particularly in its Trump loving counties, has become a hotbed of new Covid activity, in the top 3 of the whole country, which I find hard to believe. There is a huge distrust of science. So don't use anything 'science' has provided. No smartphones, no airplane rides, no television. I have nothing but contempt for these idiots who are responsible for the epidemic dragging out. Both Steve and I are vaccinated. In some counties they are vaccinating all adults but not in our county. Will search for Ohio sites for 2 of my kids.

I am still injured which most of the time I don't even feel unless I sit for an extended period and do certain exercises. Fortunately biking doesn't bother it. Between the indoor and outdoor bikes, I have rode 1100 miles since Jan 1. Maybe I can run soon. 

Our hospitals are full of Covid patients. Still I visited a friend, non Covid related, who had to stay in the ER 3 days before a room could be found. She was allowed one visitor a day, a lengthy process to get cleared in order to see her. Even with these restrictions, it wa hard to find a parking spot.

I have been seeing my vaccinated friends, which is a treat. On Easter, it will be warm so I will have the whole family outside.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

quotidian covidian


Nala in her new pineapple bed She's been known to squeeze into bags barely bigger than herself. Hopefully she'll sleep in here at night instead of Naomi's bed which increases her allergies
I buy so many orchids but half don't survive beyond the first bloom
last of the amaryllis. I have better luck with them. This one is 5 years old

Cooper's hawk comes daily to feed on my birds. Only once have I seen one successful. I did see a sharp shinned hawk chase around a morning dove barely smaller than itself. 

Each day blurs into another but perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. Steve finally received his first vaccine. Bonus, he didn't have to make a 90 mile roundtrip north or south to the alternate venues we found. He didn't cancel them until the last minute. Once burned twice shy as last minute cancellations have happened. But he got the wait 4 weeks instead of 3 and our in common health care provider no longer is handing out free gifts to the vaccinated.

And vaccines are starting to pour in. They are going to start with the 50-65 age group next week though I know they haven't reached all the over 65s. My daughter is a line and prep cook, recently back to work. Still not covered. True she doesn't see the public but in minutes food that has been in  her hands (gloved!) goes to the public.

We did attempt to eat outside last night. Temp 38 and with the wind, windchill 28. Although we were surrounded by heat lamps, somehow the heat goes up and not out so...useless. We had Maya with us who happily played with her cousins. They spent very little time sitting down, instead they explored the blocked off downtown

I still have my injured hamstring which prevents me from running though I have some increase of range of motion. While I am resting, I have it on a heat pad which seems to help. Fortunately my new to me indoor bike provides exercise and I've biked outside a few times. It will be warm this week so I can get some fresh air and maybe try running even.

Also only 3 more days of having to take my blood pressure 6 times a day, which is annoying especially when they read high. They are getting somewhat lower and I even have had some readings close to a I have got in the doctors's. They cause undue anxiety. I will enter 'phase 2' of the study in whch I take my blood pressure only once a week

Maya will go to school in person in 5 weeks for only 2 days. More than half of the covid cases in our county are due to those fun loving  but profoundly selfish college students.  My other grandkids not living in college towns have in person school now. Will we ever be Covid free? Not with idiots such as the governors of Texas and Mississippi removing mask mandates. Biden called this 'Neanderthal thinking' He was too kind. Fox news was all over this saying how can Biden claim to be a uniter when he calls this governors Neanderthals. Also they blamed him for not publishing some racists Dr. Suess books (not his decision) and for having an ugly German Shepherd (does not look presidential) Actually his dog is quite handsome but they are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel criticizing  adog

Friday, February 19, 2021

Breaking down

On the coldest morning (minus7) these deer seemed frozen in place on our property line
a foot of snow

A few more orchids will bloom soon. Not having good luck with them.

What's breaking down beside the Texas power grid, whose officials had prided themselves for being independent of pesky regulations and preparing for 'what-ifs"

Me. What is crucial to my sanity is being able to exercise but now I am injured with a painful hamstring tear. This happened just I decided not to bury my head in the sand about my weight and face that. Yep I am on my way to becoming fat again though I have been modifying my diet, particularly my drinking in the past two weeks. I can't even walk fast without being in pain nor do a lot of my other exercises. I figured biking would be OK because my hamstrings aren't used in that but then came arctic temps and the permanent foot of snow. So maybe an indoor bike? I quickly found a barely used one near Shanna's house (useful as I needed her van to transport it here). I paid one third of its usual price. It seemed to be in excellent shape until I got it home and noticed I couldn't tighten the seat as a bolt was frozen (we might be able to unfreeze it with penetrating oil) I began to sink into despair again (one pity party after another) but noticed as I use the seat all the way back anyway (freakishly long femurs), I could ride it just fine. Indeed after riding it for 3 minutes, bells went off saying"longest ride ever!"so at least I wasn't lied to about it being barely used. She must have known about the frozen bolt though and neglected to tell me so boo on her. But I can get my heart rate up to almost where it is running so that will help until I can go outside again.

Generally I am in pretty good health (except for that cancer gene). Except in the last 2 months of pregnancy with Shanna, I never have had high blood pressure. I am now on a study administered by the University of Michigan about monitoring for health using an iWatch and a blood pressure machine, were supplied to me. I already had an iWatch but it wasn't new enough so they gave me a new one (and Naomi got one that's only a year old) I also need to do breathing exercises and run EKGs. But this blood pressure monitor most of the time says I have Stage 2 hypertension. Never even when I as fat was it ever above normal. Actually it usually is low. I got permission to take Steve's and his was high on it too (though not as bad as mine) Only today did I get a 'normal" reading surprising as I was really stressed while I was taking it. I tense up now just at the sight of that blood pressure cuff and am getting headaches. About to burst a blood vessel? Carbon monoxide poisoning? Lack of fresh air?I feel that I am falling apart.

Vaccine distribution? All broken. Aside from the state's program to administer through health departments and hospitals (Steve is presumably on 3 different lists, still no word from them), the federal government has started sending them to local pharmacies. As soon as we heard about that, we went on line increasing the distance willing to travel further and further. Pay dirt 40 miles north of us. Fine and dandy. He was supposed to get his first vaccine tomorrow but today was told that the vaccine wasn't shipped in time and made the new appointment 3 weeks from now. We have since found one in 10 days in Ohio (same distance only south)

I did get my 2nd vaccine yesterday so at least I am covered.

Studies are coming out that maybe one could get away with just one vaccine. If there is such a limited supply of vaccine, would it be more ethical to just give one and then twice as many people would be protected although only to the tune of 85% versus 95%.

Within the same hour the other day, I was told both my cruise and my bike ride were canceled. Trying to rebook the  river cruise has been an exercise in frustration.

Our insurance allows us to order over the  counter items. We were told that this drug I ordered would take 2-5 days to come. It is now day 14.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Half vaccinated


Oliver was allowed to finally return to in person school two days a week after almost a year at home. His siblings have been going on and off for the past month. Allie is in full time school. Maybe Maya will go back part time in a month. Such weird times we live in. My grandkids live in 3 different counties with differing rules
I am a light junkie. Can't wait to put these along my walkways. But until the ground melts, I have to wait
No school photos during the time of covid. They will make a yearbook from parent submitted ones
Also I try to have flowers inside forcing paper whites. Still have amaryllis in bloom, christmas cactus and some orchids ready to bloom
our big sky
looking towards the east Treetops glowing orange

This whole vaccination  scheme is such a pain. Steve is on various waiting lists but no word when he might be able to get one. He uses the same care provider system as I do. They sent me two notices. Was one meant for him? You aren't allowed to talk to them. We sent a note asking if they accidently gave me his slot. No reply. Meanwhile these vaccines are being made just 90 miles away by my former employer. Until he is vaccinated, our life continues to be on hold.

I had to go to the next county (same health system though) to get mine. They were well organized. My arm was sore the next day and I had the chills but soon felt fine.

I do hate these winter months. If the temp goes above freezing and it's not too windy I bike, almost 200 miles so far. I have not run outside as the dirt roads are ice slicks. I could run in the bike lane of the busy road which I have done other years but instead I am using our treadmill.

I am relieved that there is less of Trump but there are plenty of despicables jockeying to take his place. My favorite (not!) is that QNON idiot from Georgia. Turbulent times. 


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