Monday, May 3, 2021

May flies


Bleeding hearts. I have white and pink ones. Unfortunately a late spring snowstorm broke all the stems. At least the plant will survive
Our house after the snowstorm. Late April
The service berry blossoms had been out. Now covered with snow balls
pansies covered in snow. They survived. In the past I had them bloom in the winter. However the hot sun of summer will kill them

Trick mirror and my legs at the Henry Ford Museum
For my birthday Shanna treated me to a Tiffany exhibit at the Henry Ford. I do love glass
Serviceberry blossoms before our snowstorm Pear blossoms and these came early and lasted for a long time this year
Our Chosen Sisters group finally met in person as we all have been vaccinated for some time. I made a black forest cake. Sort of messy
Covid ran through Maya's dad's family so we had her for 3 weekends as the disease ran its course Michigan is still a hotspot full of idiots who think it is alright to kidnap our governor who asked us to wear masks. These same idiots refuse to get vaccinated too. I won't shed a tear if they get sick but unfortunately they take out the innocent and if they are hospitalized, we foot the bill

Maya doesn't need glasses but she feels they make her look smart. Today she is in school for the first time in 14 months

Tessa got to go on a Girl Scout field trip and then got this enormous sundae
I have at least 5 varieties of daffodils. They don't last long as cut flowers
double rainbow over a Target parking lot taken by Naomi
lensball photo of daffodils
Maya likes our jacuzzi
For whatever reason, it was easier to negotiate vaccine websites in Ohio, which is fairly close. We arranged for Josh, Julie, and Naomi to get a J&J one early in the month before they were pulled for blood clots. The parking lot was full of Michigan plates
Krispy Kreme offers free doughnuts to the vaccinated. Not any near us in Ann Arbor but Naomi and I went to one in Toledo after her vaccine. Both she and Josh reacted quite strongly to the vaccine. No blood clots though which were 3 cases out of millions

So much of the past month has been clearing my gardens for planting and I am not finished. In a week or so the frost threat should pass and I can plant some annuals. We have had all extremes of temperatures but I have been riding my bike quite a bit, a 1000 miles so far this year and almost 700 miles on the indoor. I did start running on Easter, very slowly. My injury is about 90% healed and most of the time I don't feel it. There are still certain moves I can't do.

I have been seeing my kids and friends so I don't feel so isolated nor do I worry much about covid. I am frustrated with how stupid people are though concerning masks and vaccines. I am glad we have a grown up in the White House instead of that evil Putin installed imbecile.

My birthday came and went. Such a big number! But I don't feel it nor do I think I look it. Over a week my family and friends helped me celebrate

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Elephant's Child said...

Happy belated birthday, and congratulations on the running and biking.
Gardening work is NEVER done (or not hear).
I share your love of glass.
I am halfway vaccinated. July before I get the next shot.


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