Sunday, December 16, 2018

Last days in Brooklyn

Park slope restaurant

creepy Steeplechase leering man on Boardwalk near where Steve grew up

The Thunderbolt

Worst hurricane to hit NYC. Not much wind but a super high tide and torrential rains left a good part of Brooklyn under water

They fixed this old skating rink finally. Back in the 80s I was nervous to run down near it on the boardwalk as crime would increase precipitously past the Parachute Jump. Now all is gentrified 

it is a pretty building repurposed as a theater and restaurant

This hasn't been working for 70 years yet it still stands Steve's mom was hauled up on cables then dropped many years ago

this glistened in he sun but I couldn't get the right angle

lots of cheap fruit markets in the various neighborhoods

Outside the Brooklyn Museum: The YO/OY sculpture

In the blue exhibit: all art blue over the centuries from ancient Arabic  blue tiles to this blue lady with the Amazon bag

From a distance, this looked like a huge dinosaur skull. Up close,, it was made of carefully folded boxes from old Korean manuscripts

I liked the light in the courtyard

the hubby

this shivering girl was an allegory for Turkish soldiers sent to fight in Russia during the winter. The weren't dressed much more than this and suffered from exposure more than wounds

This huge installation is one of the museum's bragging points along with all its ancient Egyptian art: Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party made in the 70s

Each place setting celebrates various famous women. Most feature female sex organs such as this for Georgia O"Keefe

My grandmother was named for this Greek poetess but hated the name so she just put an S in front of her middle name

I was thrilled to read there was a glass exhibit. However it consisted of droplets of mirrored glass pasted on the walls which looked tacky. I did like the effect in a sculpture room

They had an open store room of pieces not on display you could walk through. Me before my diet?

I liked this bike

Nice lighting in the lobby along with interesting furniture

Steve and I in front of the YO   OY would have been better

As we were leaving, a high school drum line emerged from a subway tunnel

It's been almost a week since we returned from our New York adventure. I spent the first 4 nights in Harlem with my nieces and then on to Brooklyn with Steve, his brother and wife. Currently I am waiting impatiently for it to be warm enough for me to safely and somewhat comfortably ride my bike. New York is usually 5- 10 degrees warmer than here so I ran a record amount while there. Surprisingly my body held out as usually I get slower and slower with no rest days but on the last day up and down Ocean Parkway I got faster. Maybe because it is so flat and at sea level.

A good time with family and local specialties: Italian bakery and restaurant, huge cheap Chinese pork buns from a nearby Asian area, a deli in downtown Brooklyn where I emerged from a subway tunnel carrying a much too heavy suitcase, fine on sidewalks but tough climbing up and down stairs (better planning Sue!) I did persuade Steve to abandon a 'good' parking spot so we could go for a walk/run on the Boardwalk. Last year he had found a good parking space and then refused to take our car anywhere. Not playing that game again. Besides, in the middle of the day while the workers are gone parking is much easier. He did worry arriving Sunday night that parking would be impossible but managed to score a spot right in front of his brother's house. He walked or took a train until I came to spoil things.

I hadn't been to the Brooklyn Museum before despite coming to NYC every year if not twice a year when the parents were living there for the past 42 years. That is a lot of trips. And it was cold that day even for NYC, a sharp contrast to the 60 degrees it was earlier in the week so inside it was. We did take a long walk outside around the park and Park Slope afterwards. But the museum was very interesting so I am glad we went..

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I am glad you went to the Museum too (and took us along).
What is it about men and their parking spots?


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