Monday, February 12, 2018


About 15 inches covered with a half inch of ice as we had freezing rain yesterday
At the thrift store they let Maya fill a bag with toys for a dollar. I added this snail. Best find? A Hatchanimal which before Xmas was very pricey to buy. This one had already hatched so maybe it isn't worth much more than the 10 cents I paid for it

I sound like a broken record with my constant whine about the cold and snow. It snowed non-stop from late Thursday to Sunday morning in which it was freezing rain instead. Maya had no school yet again and her dad could not pick her up. So back to grandma's. Added bonus she had a cold which I seem to be getting right before I leave for vacation. It will be the first cold in 2 years.

But I will leave in 36 hours. Got my nails painted in Cajun Shrimp so they will shine in the rain forest. I will be not blogging no thanks to apple and Blogger not getting along.

Hope to see some beauty and feel some warmth.


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